Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time To Blog

I don't know what has happened to my good intentions to blog regularly, but it has gone the way of my fall cleaning, washing windows, and even stitching every day! I have one finish that I took the time to photograph today, though I have other stitching to show that I have yet to take the camera to. I'm not sure what the problem is with me. I'd say spring fever, but I am enjoying the cooler temps and the beginning-to-turn leaves, and to top it off, this is the first day of fall. Yay!!! I do so love fall, but the problem is that it doesn't last that long, and then we're heading into the holidays, which is simply unbelievable. Part of my problem is that I'm so into The Stitch Specialists Yahoo group since I became a moderator, and I love my job there. It's time consuming, but it's work I love. The pay isn't so great but the comaraderie is tops. I have made some of the loveliest friends there one could ever have. The group is dedicated to specialty stitches and pulled thread work, or hardanger, and it stretches one's blah, blah comfort zone to reach out and embrace Abi Gurden's designs. Her instructions are to-die-for, and beginners who have never used anything but aida will be mastering specialty stitches on linen/evenweave before they know what hit 'em. What I have pictured here is Abi's Tree of Stitches, and though I joined late in April after the SAL was underway, I just finished mine and put the finishing beads on the last couple of days. I decided on a "busy" tree with different colored beads and a little bling with a couple colors of beads and a pastel falling of leaves in a completely different color of leaves than the rest of the tree. There are so many different versions and interpretations of each and every tree, it's fun and relaxing to see the photos section of the group. In the few months that I have been there, the group has grown from 100 members to nearly 400, and by the first anniversary, I predict we will be heading toward 500 members. Below is my own version of the wildly popular Tree of Stitches:

I have selected my fabric and a couple of fibers for the newest SAL, The Great Escape. I have also started a fall-themed design, of which I need to get a picture. I have done the August bird in OakHavenDesigns Bird SAL, but haven't yet taken a photo. I have the chart for both the owl and bird for September I have yet to start. I had great aspirations for plenty of fall stitching, but my Daddy had a stroke two weeks ago, and I've also been spending time with him, since after the hospital stay, he's now in the nursing home for physical rehab, and is not very happy about that. I visit often and stay long to help him with things that the staff is stretched to cover. My sister has also sold her house and is moving in with my Mom temporarily to help with my Dad when he comes home (wants no part of the nursing home if he improves enough to leave), and of course, I will be taking a big part of the help on myself. My Mom is 85 next month and will be hard-pressed to do it herself, having rheumatoid arthritis. Her hands are pitifully crippled, and she is all but disabled too.

If I can get myself a bit more organized with all that I have going on, I can have more to "show and tell." All you about my age remember those days in school when we had "show and tell?" I can't believe some of the things I took to school! I wonder if kids still do that. Sometimes I feel kids are missing some really good times, but I may be wrong. Even my grandkids are grown so I don't have a clue what goes on! I'll look forward to having great grands one of these days.

Now let's see if I can get my latest things together to put in a post!