Saturday, August 13, 2011

Owl SAL Progress

The monthly owls by Tonia Pappan of OakHaven Designs Yahoo group. I'm all caught up with this one!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Stash, Stitches, and other things...

I've not been very good at regularly blogging, but here is a pathetic attempt to get caught up, and if I can get organized, I'll try to keep at it.

Since last time, I've done two birds on the OakHaven Designs Yahoo Group bird SAL.

And in The Stitch Specialists Yahoo group, I have caught up with the Tree of Stitches; however, I'm not too pleased with the Carrie's Autumn Leaves thread I chose for the last part. It's too much of a contrast with the muted colors of the rest of the tree. Don't you think? Now, there is the last part coming with the critters in and around the tree. It isn't too late to join in this SAL.

Also, I have joined a Chatlaine SAL in which I'll be stitching Convent's Herbal Garden. I've taken a photo of two cut of fabric that I can't decide upon. The mushroom lugana is 28ct, and the more ivory color is 32ct linen. I thought that the beads might be crowded on the 32ct, so I bought the lugana. Later I found that quite a few ladies had stitched the design on 32ct and had no problems with the beads being crowded, so all I have to do is decide. Can you help me? I have to stitch a small floral center over one thread. Here are the two fabric from which I'm trying to choose:

And for the dab of stash this past month, there are things to help me get my stitching stand in operation again, some beads for my Tree of Stitches, a Pako gadget for line magnification, some threads, platinum needles I wanted to try, and Little House Needleworks' first reproduction sampler.