Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pandas, etc.

The first pic is another little benefit of being sick. Von, you said you thought you could feel a fever coming on, LOL! My DH was in a department store and saw this Boyds bear above, and it's dressed in a wild cat costume. You pull it off, and he's just a cute white Boyds. The book is a riot, and he picked that up, along with an outdated (Dec.) copy of the British "Cross Stitcher" magazine that has nothing notable in it (but it's the thought that counts), while he was in a Barnes & Noble. The stash below is a 3 pack of Silkweaver I received yesterday, along with 2 beautiful needle minders, a Dololly, and an 11" Q-Snap frame, which were part of a couple orders from SB&B. Yes, there is more yet to post. I have an order from Country Cottage too, and yet another order being processed by SB&B.

I had said I'd get a pic of my pandas up yesterday, but that plan just didn't work out. I normally keep them behind glass, so I had to take them all out to prevent glare. I'm afraid you can't tell much about each one the way they're all crowded together on a little bench. The pandas are a teeny fraction of my complete bear collection.

I'll be going on a short trip with my parents and my sister for a few days, and since my parents are rather slow and laid back, it will be pretty low key, which is about all I can handle right now. I'm still not quite up to par, but we always have a great time. I'm so fortunate at my age to have both my wonderful parents. See you soon!

Friday, January 27, 2006

First Dab of Sickie Stash

This is what makes you well when you're sick. I received the two charts from online friends whose work I admired, and since I give all my charts away when I'm done, they sent me theirs. The cute penguin came from a dear friend who read a Yahoo Group in which I said my DD has a "thing" for penguins.

The plain colored linens at the bottom were bought cheap from an eBay seller. The cool hand-dyed linen at left was bought at my LNS, which is finally getting with the times. The GAST and WDW were ordered from SB&B for certain designs I already have.

Kim requested a pic of my panda collection, so I think that might be fun tomorrow, then I'll add more stash after that. It's expensive to be sick.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thank you for all the well wishes

I appreciate each and every one of them, and I just love you all.

I ended up fighting the flu along with all the rest of my problems---depression and lupus flare. It was something I hope I never have to go through again. As far as reading, forget it! I was lucky to get to the bathroom on time. Never mind the graphic images. Use your imagination, lol!

The last two days have been pretty good, and I've started slowly reading blogs, though leaving no comments yet, and doing some stitching. Like Becky, whom I see has also been sick, I've received a ton of stash, which is always soothing when you need a treat. It does wonders for illness. Actually, some of it is just coming from what I ordered with a gift certificate from my husband for Christmas, but much of it was a "fix." I needed it! And I have more coming! Yikes! I had to laugh at Carol when she said she was going on a stash diet. I've said that for years, but it's like my other diet. I'll take pix of my new stash, a little at a time, but later. Gotta give the camera a charge.

I need help from anyone who's willing. I thought I knew everything (silly me), but I've obsessed over Blogrolling and Bloglines, and I just don't get it. I can't figure out either of them. I've put Blogroll codes in, and till I got it out, my blog looked like a war zone. I put in my preferences and none work in my blog. I'm pulling my hair out. All I want on Bloglines is the other blogs I read, but do you think I can figure out how to get them? Nope! I'm just a stooge! I don't even understand the language on their sites! If you want to take the time to give me some suggestions, please email me at

Friday, January 20, 2006

Taking A Much Needed Break

My health is somewhat to blame (so please don't pity me - I'm much blessed), so I've made a decision to take a break from stitching and blogging so that I can come back refreshed, possibly with more vigor. I'm going to take a much-needed break from everything. I'm soooo exhausted. It's just a lupus flare. Sed rate is elevated, and I'm in pain. I fell in the garage today on my worst knee (went down on it at a very odd angle), and it was the last straw. It's wearing on my nerves, and I'm so tired of everything right now. The computer and stitching don't even appeal to me. I'm sleeping nearly around the clock, and all I feel like doing is lying in my recliner, doing a little reading to catch up, and then escape in blissful sleep. Then, I don't think about hurting or anything else. I'm just so tired. Please don't give up on me. This happens a couple times a year, but I always return to the land of the living, LOL!

Love you all!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stitching Bloggers' Question of the Week

Have you had a happy dance yet this year? If so, tell us about it! (Or just point to the entry that talks about it.) If not, when do you predict it will be?

Yes, a UFO Happy Dance and a 24 Hour Challenge Happy Dance (small). Just skip one post to January 15 to read about.

Update on Amber

Left is my scissor collection. There are several older scissors that I bought from an old friend who owned an LNS in town, and she sold them to me at her cost. They are the Gingher black and the pewter ones with brown boxes in the middle. Bless her heart; she died of cancer about 10 years ago, and I miss our trips to markets together. I miss her... period. The designer Ginghers are my eBay bargains. I can sniff out a bargain and swoop them up like a vulcher after its prey. Those beautiful new designer Gingers retail for a fortune, the smallest about $33 or so, and the most I paid for any of those was $16, including shipping. Most were less than that.

For those of you who have used my enabled Blogger email feature to inquire about my sick kitty, Amber, I had to consult with Becky about why when I tried to answer you personally, I got a message back saying something like "no answer, blah, blah, blah." Becky said only those who have their Blogger email enabled can receive personal responses to their messages. Amber is doing just fine, and thank you all for asking. I changed all the cats' food to Iams, which is very good for prevention of UTI's. Her last course of medication worked like a charm, and I had jumped the gun, being the paranoid cat mom that I am, and she is completely healthy, with no kidney disease at all. A clean bill of health, and she is as vivacious as ever, driving the other two nuts with her kitty antics.

Thanks to all of you for all your kind comments on my illness, kitty's illness and your compliments on my puny stitching, LOL! Compared to some of you, I have the speed of a slug. I was born with one speed, and it hasn't improved with age. In fact, at my age, it's beginning to decline. Such is life, but I still enjoy it, and I enjoy all of you, my friends!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Accomplishments Today

After my disastrous results for the first 24 Hour Challenge on Becky's Friends Gather BB, I feel accomplished after today. It was bitterly cold; therefore, a great day to stay home in front of the fireplace and stitch away. I finished my panda UFO, which is actually a large freebie by Karen Couchman. I don't think she has it on her site any longer, but I love it. I have a stuffed panda collection that I adore.

I also frogged all but only 3 snowflakes that I can use to finish this lovely piece later ("Snowflakes In The Snow"). As much as I've frogged this poor design, I'm surprised the fabric is still holding together. And I finished "Snowbound" by Bent Creek, which was a fun and quick stitch.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

First 24 Hour Challenge

As a volunteer moderator for Becky's Friends Gather BB, the 24 Hour Challenge forum, we had our first monthly challenge (2nd Friday-Saturday of each month). I failed my own challenge. I'm laughing about it now, but I was up till 3AM this morning frogging out-of-place snowflakes on the Sweetheart Tree's "Snowflakes In The Pines," (left pic and beautiful stitched up---if you can, lol). Bleary-eyed and frustrated, I knew my chances of getting it cleaned up and finished were nil, so I pulled out a small Bent Creek piece, "Snowbound." It's about as simple as they come, but I wasn't even sure about getting it done, as we had to leave town and then go out to eat with friends tonight. I knew it would be close.

Actually, I did pretty well on it for as little time as I had, but the snow on the ground got tedious, and there is no snow in the sky or on the roof. Thankfully, I have nowhere to go, no pressures tomorrow, and all day on a cold day to stay home and clean up my snowflakes on the left piece (next month's challenge?) and finish the 2nd piece. "Snowbound" would make a cute fob for wintertime. It's small enough. A cute top for a little box of some kind too.

Just hope Becky doesn't fire moderators who fail their own challenges ;-) . The other girls did a great job on their projects. I'm so proud of their lovely finishes!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thanks so much for prayers and good thoughts

to you all. It's incredible how many animal lovers we have who stitch and blog. Every comment and personal email was cherished.

I've been sick with intestinal problems, and it seems to be moving upward with headache, stuffed up sinuses, along with chattering teeth, unable to get warm enough, even with gas log full blast, then waking up in a sweat.

Bless my mom's heart... she called our doctor, and he didn't make me come in but called in a couple of prescriptions she's dropping off inside my door, and ringing my doorbell. She's running away, of course, not wanting to get what I have at her age. I inherited her compromised immune system, so she could get it too easily. I'm just thankful I have both my parents and my daughter to help me out when Richard is working out of town.

I'll be back when I feel more like it. In the meantime, keep turning out those beautiful stitches! My kitties are keeping me company. They're very attentive when I'm sick.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Thank you all

for your prayers and soothing words of comfort. I have nothing but good news, and everything that you ladies have done with your prayers and good vibes has worked. I love you all so very much!

I guess I'm of the "half empty" rather than "half full" way of thinking, but life experiences sometimes does that to people, and I am one of those woeful people, much to my chagrin, though I try to think positive. I cried till my eyes were nearly swollen shut, prayed without ceasing and fell asleep in exhaustion. I couldn't even bring myself to call the vet this morning so Richard did. While I held my breath, I heard the happiness in his voice. "She's healthy and ready to go home?" We'll be right there!"

OMG, it was the happiest reunion I've had in a very long time. Amber was trembling with nervousness till we got closer to home, then she pranced in like she owned the house. I'll never jump to conclusions again. She's just very active, drinks a lot of water, pees a lot, and leaves huge clumps in the litter box. I'm just not used to this as compared to my other two cats, who are not as active, and the painful meows coming from Amber were in the beginning when she truly did have a bladder infection.

Thanks to all of you who showed concern, to Amber's Creator, and to her vet who was able to clear up her infection the last time and tell me to try not to worry. If I could have only thought positively. Love you all.....

Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Baby! In Need of Prayers, Please....

I'm asking for your good thoughts and/or prayers. Those of you who know me know how much my kitties mean to me. I just took my youngest (a beautiful orange tabby with symmetrical white markings) into the vet for the 3rd time for a urinary tract infection that seems to be impervious to antiobiotics. The last med she got was the strongest they make for that illness. Her bladder was flat (no urine), so the vet asked me to leave her overnight so that they could get a urine sample. She warned me that her next step was to suspect the kidneys. I asked what could be done in that case. She said with that warning "look" in her eyes that there is really nothing that can be done. Of course, I could read between the lines. I asked her if it hurts when Amber pees, and she said that yes, it's just like a human hurts with an infection. I've heard her plaintive meows in the litter box before and cringed. I took Amber's blanket and couldn't even kiss her goodbye when I turned and left without my baby. The vet, whom I dearly love, picked Amber up gently and told me to try not to worry.

I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm hanging onto the last vestiges of hope, but I'm sobbing like I've already lost her.

Love to all

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stitching Bloggers' Question of the Week

Do you do your stash shopping at your LNS, ONS, or both? Which do you like better? Why?

I sometimes feel guilty not supporting my LNS because I see a future in which brick & mortar retail stores will be a thing of the past, but I find it so much more convenient to shop online and have it delivered to my door. I just find it easier to go through organized websites than having to go through a store, having to ask for vethings you don't see and finding things you didn't see the first or second time. ONS' have it all listed and pictured, and I find the sales are better and no sales tax out of state. Besides that, and this is silly, I love getting stash in the mail. I'm like a little kid.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another New Year SAL

As much as I love my kitties, it's always a problem getting pictures. They love anything out of the ordinary, and a piece of nice, clean fabric is a magnet for the paws and the oils thereon, LOL! At any rate, I did the prep work on my first monthly installment of this SAL on an unlisted Yahoo Group. I did this in the wee hours this morning, and I just couldn't push myself to get further than the basting lines. This is Drawn Thread's Sanctuary with the silks and Lambswool 32ct Linen. I did a trade with Judith Romijri from the Netherlands to get her pattern and linen. We can buy many things cheaper here in the USA, but they can get fabric cheaper.Then, today was my day to work on my UFO Panda, and I had a mishap with a spill (tea) that about made me puke, but I threw caution to the wind and soaked it in Oxyclean. I just checked the laundry sink, and it has all come out with no damage at all. WooHoo! I've rinsed it several times, but I have it in plain water now to get the last vestiges of the chemicals out and will rinse it several times again before stitching on it again. Nothing lost. I had my dearest friend ask me to pin her granddaughter's jeans so she can have them cut off and re-hemmed at a cheap place. I couldn't let it go at that, so I told her I would hem them for her. The poor little girl is very round, but very beautiful and wears 15/16 pants that are a foot too long when purchased. Little did I know I was getting 5 pairs to do, LOL. That was my good deed and my stitching time today.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Mirabilia SAL Stitchers Jan 1 Start

This is my first Mirabilia, and it was resurrected from the UFO pile when CarolAnn began her moderator's job at Friends Gather BB and her new Mirabilia SAL Stitchers Yahoo Group. I had already started this Scent of Old Roses, so I didn't get all this done yesterday. I got a very late start, but she is gaining a bit in colors.

I have 3 SAL's which were all to start yesterday, and I have a full plate, so I didn't want to put down this lady down. I didn't get near as much time with her as I had planned, but if I didn't have to live, I'd have a lot more time to stitch.