Friday, January 13, 2012

First Finish of 2012!

It's old Jolly Jack that I finished a couple of days ago.

Next on my WIPocalypse list is Autumn Circle by SanMan Originals, a design from last year's Merry Members of the SanMan board. I don't know if this is suitable for a biscornu, but I'm thinking if it is, this will be my first.

Monday, January 09, 2012

WIPocalypse - First Full Moon Report

I'm so close to being finished with this that it hurt to put it down, but I have to get up early tomorrow. I need to get my beauty rest you know. I'll be so glad to get my fall stitching out of the way. It seems a bit funny to be looking at Halloween stuff this time of year, but here it is. Oh! And we're all still stitching away at the first full moon of 2012, prophesied to be the last year of the earth. I don't know about you, but I'm glad that so far, I'm still stitching!

My progress on Jolly Jack before WIPocalypse stitching began:

And just some berries on the around the leaves with the color in the needle on the Halloween needle minder, my signature, and the table scallops filled in with a light color, then onto another of my WIPs to finish.

Sooo... if I don't see you sooner, the next full moon of 2012 will be February 7 when I report again. Happy stitching by the light of the moon!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

A New Year, A New Blog Post!

I lost my connection with my photos because of one of my guilty kitties knocking off my external hard drive onto the floor and up under my desk lower shelf, and it's a long story, but I was unaware it was even missing for some time but couldn't figure out why I had lost all my pix. I had forgotten I had my own external hard drive and thought my pix were on my husband's HD because we're networked. I told you it was a long story, so I'll stop right here. I hope your holidays were happy, but there were many whose holidays were sad. It's a tough part of the year for many, and I feel for them.

Since October, a lot has gone on, and because I thought I had also lost the software to my camera (another long story), I didn't get progress pix and stash pix taken, so I'll have to start from here, though not a lot of stitching was done because of my Dad's stroke. He's been in and out of the hospital, in and out of the nursing home, and it has been a nightmare.

I was on several exchanges this holiday seasons, and one in town with my stitch group. Although I didn't get a photo of the ornament I stitched, I have taken a pic of the one I received in the ornament exchange:

In The Stitch Specialists Yahoo group, I sent to a girl from France, and in return Niina from Finland sent to me some delicious chocolates (gone), a beautiful set of Fiskars scissors, two pieces of hand-dyed fabric, a hand-dyed skein of floss dyed locally, a Lizzie Kate chart, and best of all, a hand knitted ball ornament! Thank you, Niina, for a lovely Christmas exchange!

I had one exchange on a Yahoo group who didn't follow through with her end of the exchange and was banned from the group and reported to Tricky Traders 2, and it turns out she already had two reports against her, BUT! The Christmas spirit was alive this season, as 3 members of the same group sent me things to make up for the bad deed of the banned member. One member, Faith, sent me a gift certificate to 123 Stitch (unredeemed as yet), Lisa sent me a primitive snowman ornament snowman decals, and snowman socks - cutest I've ever seen:

Another member, Pam, sent me a ton of DMC, a musical Charlie Brown Christmas card, snowmen findings, a nice, thick huck towel for cross stitching, and a full-sized snowman stocking. Thank you, Pam. With friends like the 3 of you, who needs deadbeats?

Then, the mods of The Stitching Specialists Yahoo group exchanged gifts with one another, and these great gifts were the result:
This I bought with a gift certificate from Abi, group owner/designer in England. I'm in love with Autumn Splendor by Kustom Krafts!

Goodies from Kay in England. Good English recipes, tea towels, napkins, and a long necklace of stones.

Goodies from Marguerite, a British transplant now in Arkansas. Waterlilies silk, Bohin needles, fabric, RPTB, and Kelmscott needle minder - wonderful!

Then, from a new friend in Australia, Mel, came this wonderfully delightful full 1/2 yard of very wide Weeks Dye Works 30ct hand-dyed linen in the color Parchment, which was on my wish list. Thank you, Mel, for your friendship and for your totally unexpected generous gift out of nowhere!

But in the stitching department, this project will be my first one worked on for Measi's WIPocalypse, which can be read about in my blog's page (above tab), 2012 WIPocalypse. My list, with links for information can be found on that page.

I actually did work on some fall things which never got finished, therefore the WIPocalypse, and I will be posting more later. For now, I've had a hard day and am very tired and ready for bed.

I'm very glad to be able to blog again and share what I'm doing. Hope to see what you are all up to this new year!