Monday, September 17, 2007

Wish I Had More Ummph! (AKA Mojo)

I hate reporting nothing but gloom & doom, but I've had another procedure done on my eyes, and it's taking its toll. I'm not doing well emotionally because there is very little I can do. I'm just going to have to take some pix of things that I was working on before this last setback and call it good. Oh, and I can always take pix of things I keep on buying, LOL! What for? Don't even know! Duh is me......

What really hurts is that my 81-year-old mother is coming this afternoon to clean my 3 bathrooms, and the big one is a bitch to clean, with the jet tub and big shower. Don't know what we were thinking when we built this monster of a house 18 years ago with no children running around. I could have used all this room when the kids were home. That's the way it goes, but oh well, the resale value will be good.... if anyone can buy it, LOL! Here is a pic of me right after my black eye healed when I was feeling great (wishing I felt half that good now), and my doctor told me to exercise, so I included a pic of my new exercise program. Enjoy ;-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stitching Bloggers' Question of the Week for Sept. 6

Would you ever stitch one of your BAPs a second time? (This does not include starting over because of mistakes, bad fabric, etc., rather stitching something from the first stitch for a second time.)

OMG, NO!!!!! I don't even like doing small pieces more than once. Now, that I think of it, I might do one 20 yrs. after the first time. It would be like reading a long, family legacy more than once. You sometimes find you enjoyed it more the second time you read it.

This question was submitted by Jennifer.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

What Is Wrong With These Pictures?

Nothing... if you don't mind a cat in your cabinets.
Are we having oatmeal or cold cereal for breakfast this morning?
Think I'll just hang out here and watch you for a while.

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Little Progress On A WIP

I was able to stitch without my shoulder hurting, and I did get a bit of progress done on a Mill Hill kit, "Scaredy Cats." It's just so cute! I'm starting to get in a fall mood to stitch. The days are getting shorter; the weather not so hot; the nights cooler, and in a month, our leaves will be turning. What a beautiful season! I've lived in warmer climates, but I missed the changing seasons we have here in my homeland of IL. I love living near family who also found the beauty here too hard to leave behind. I'm so very fortunate! I count my blessings every day.

These are before and after progress pix: