Friday, March 09, 2012

WIPocalypse - 3rd Full Moon Report

Well, stitching friends, we're into March of 2012, and we're all still here stitching! It's wonderful to know that the end of the world prediction is at least not here yet, and our moon is full, LOL!

Since I've had to add more WIPs to my WIPocalyse list, I need to share all that I've stitched this last month, which is nothing to write home about, but keep in mind that I'm a slow stitcher and have worked in several new projects this new year. I knew it would be difficult to stick to my original list, which allowed for no new stitching, for heaven's sake. And as things become available to start, I'm sure I will be sorely tempted yet even more, but that is part of the life of people in an Internet stitching community.

This is a few minute's start on a freebie Quaker heart I found on Gazette94 blog. I'm working with one thread of WDW Union Blue over two on 40ct Lambswool Linen. This is my first time stitching on 40ct and was difficult at first judging the small size of the stitches, but I did get used to it after a bit.

This is my third Halloween stocking in the Blackbird Designs book, 'Tis Hallowe'en. I had stitched two last year and will sew them all into stockings by this Halloween, hopefully.

This is my Year of Hearts SAL I'm doing with a Yahoo group, and I have done the March heart and started April's.

This is a year-long project I'm doing with the German Sticklounge Yahoo group called A Tribute To Ackworth. I've received part 3, so this is through part 2. It's on 28ct Lugana, I believe in the color lambswool, and I'm using Carrie's silks. The variegated silk is Autumn Leaves and the coordinating solid is Raspberry. It's a delightful stitch, and the silks glide through the fabric like butta.