Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas From Caiti

The colors from this cell phone pic aren't good, but you get the idea. Click on the image, and you can see a happy kitty better. This is my most immodest kitty, the fluffiest, with the thickest fur. She's not overweight at all, but she gets in front of the fireplace, just beyond the throw on the floor. She just lollygags in the heat of the fire.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Stitching Sisters' Ornament Exchange

Isn't she just the cutest lil ol' golfing gal, right down to her golfing saddle shoes?

This was stitched for me by one of my Stitching Sisters pals, Gis, as part of our
ornament exchange, in addition to a beautiful pewter piece. She did this, and
many other things, while on the run, with her husband recuperating from liver transplant surgery. What a gal....

I had posted this earlier, but for the sake of showing my part of the ornament exchange now that I have received mine from Gis, this is the one I sent to my recipient Stitching Sister, Debbie. I sent her some other stitching goodies also.

Then, I have finally sent a package to a friend, Dianne Collins, which turned out to be a birthday/Christmas gift with lots of goodies and this Autumn ornament. We share the same birthday month, November, and we both love Prairie Schooler. In fact, we lovingly call each other Coz, as it's a possibility we could be distant cousins with ancestors arriving here from England around the same time. We've found other parallels in our lives that have kept us friends, and we send each other packages now & then. The next PS ornie is in the JCS ornament issue, and I think Spring and Summer will follow.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Stitching Bloggers' Question of the Week for Dec. 14

Do you have any good internet links to tutorials for your favoritefinishing techniques that you would like to share?

This question comes from Carol.

Yes, I do like Mary Kathryn's whom I know through though she is just beginning in this area and has a terrific little online shop

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Exhaustion Took Over Last Night

Doesn't this dog look happy playing Reindog? What we don't do to our pets to make them look festive, LOL! This dog belongs to a co-worker of my daughter's. She couldn't quit lauging at his expression, so she sent it to me.
Yesterday was so busy for me and so frustrating, I collapsed when I finally got home and watched my DVR'ed soaps and QVC shows I would have missed otherwise. Yes, I admit it. I'm an addict.
Anyway, after dealing with grandkids and their friends, driving all over town, finding out something cleared my bank that I wasn't expecting, and the overdraft protection kicked in with ungodly charges ($10 for each $100), then finding out my new glasses were the wrong prescription and have to be reordered. I told them something was wrong, and they kept telling me my brain had to get used to the new corrction. My brain doesn't translate total blindness very well. I was just totally out of sorts at the day's end, and I didn't think the day would ever end. I was not in the mood to do anything but veg. Any stitching I would have done would have been frogged anyway. Getting this dog's picture was a nice start for this day, so maybe I'll finish my little gift for my special friend.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rotation of Sorts

I've long ago discovered that I'm a one-at-a-time girl when it comes to stitching. I'm actually working on 3 pieces at a time because of time constraints with gift giving looming ahead in very short order. I think I can make it! I have my ornament exchange commitments satisfied, thank goodness.

What I'm working on is actually a late birthday present for someone we all know and love. I'm combining a Christmas present with it so it will be a Bday/Christmas package.

I'm also working on an autumn Mill Hill kit for myself so it won't become a UFO. I have never been so frustrated with anything. I've broken all my beading needles at the eye portion if I use a wire threader. Also, the eyes are so small, the thread is shredding back into balls, and I'm about to give up in disgust. I have two of these kits from the Mill Hill autumn line, and I can't get the first one done, let alone even open the 2nd one. I wonder if there's such a thing as larger hole beading needles? I used to be so patient.... now I get so mad I throw everything off my lap onto the floor, scaring the cats into springing up mid-air. Don't know why I do that... end up having to pick it all up, stuff it back into my bag and reassure the cats it wasn't their fault.

The third thing I'm working on is a Tie One On by Pine Mountain called "Winter." Adorable! I was going to give it to my daughter, but the colors won't work in her decor. They will in mine though, LOL! She has a penchant for penguins, so I picked up a new Bent Creek sampler-type design "Winter Line Up" to do for my daughter. It has a snowman and one line of penguins (with lines of other seasonal stuff), both of which are her favorites. I should start that today, as I'm about finished with the little late birthday stitching, so I'll add this one to my Sorta Semi-Rotation. I don't time myself; just work in a little on each a day. I'm also trying to break time between each different one by doing a chore around the house to assuage the self-imposed guilt of stitching.

I'm not posting much here these days, as I've been researching alternatives to Blogger. I'm still so mad at 'em I could spit. And I'm really sick of people who tell me, "I'm on Beta and having no trouble at all." Well, bully for you. I'm happy for you, but if I didn't have bad luck, I would have no luck at all. And you just got lucky. There are forums FULL of people like me who are stuck in the abused "See How Long They Last" group. So don't brag too much. I went along just fine for awhile, then all hell broke lose, and I found myself on the end of a breaking branch. So there! And there is coming soon when no one will have a choice. Beta is going to encompass everyone on Blogger. Enjoy it while it lasts. But of course, I'm blazing the trail, so the bugs may all be worked out when you all get swooped into the mire.