Monday, June 12, 2006

My 24 Hour Challenge Piece (for June)

Actually, I went over by a couple of hours, but hey!.... just glad to have it finished. I didn't start till very late Saturday night and was interrupted several times. Doesn't everyone know stitching can't be interrupted?

This is the Patience Pillow from the "Dear Diary" series from Little House Needleworks. There are nine in the series of samplers, along with a little pillow chart, which are cute made up seperately as "smalls," but I decided to do them altogether on one piece of 28ct Lambswool Linen, which you see here.

I'm currently working on the first diary sampler of Abigail Winslow. I'm in love with the idea and having a tiny key to stitch into the sampler. It reminds me of my childhood when I kept a locked diary. My daughter has it now, and she loves it---thinks it funny.


Kim said...

I find it funny that you chose "patience" as your 24 hour stitch, cuz I'd need a lot to stitch that long. ;)

It's adorable though! I love the colors. :D

I never had a diary but if I had, I think it would've been pretty boring.

Von said...

Oh, I hope I can join in on these weekend projects again soon! Just too many house projects in the way right now.
I think stitching all the pillows on one fabric piece is a great idea!!

Dianne said...

Love it! Couldn't we all stand to have more patience? What a nice reminder.