Friday, December 22, 2006

Stitching Sisters' Ornament Exchange

Isn't she just the cutest lil ol' golfing gal, right down to her golfing saddle shoes?

This was stitched for me by one of my Stitching Sisters pals, Gis, as part of our
ornament exchange, in addition to a beautiful pewter piece. She did this, and
many other things, while on the run, with her husband recuperating from liver transplant surgery. What a gal....

I had posted this earlier, but for the sake of showing my part of the ornament exchange now that I have received mine from Gis, this is the one I sent to my recipient Stitching Sister, Debbie. I sent her some other stitching goodies also.

Then, I have finally sent a package to a friend, Dianne Collins, which turned out to be a birthday/Christmas gift with lots of goodies and this Autumn ornament. We share the same birthday month, November, and we both love Prairie Schooler. In fact, we lovingly call each other Coz, as it's a possibility we could be distant cousins with ancestors arriving here from England around the same time. We've found other parallels in our lives that have kept us friends, and we send each other packages now & then. The next PS ornie is in the JCS ornament issue, and I think Spring and Summer will follow.

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Meari said...

All the ornaments are really nice, Nancy. Are you a golfer?