Saturday, August 25, 2007

SBQ Catch-Up

Do you consider yourself a "floss miser?" This question was posted on July 3.

Yes, absolutely! I stitch till I barely have enough thread to anchor, but more from not wanting to take the time to reload the needle than from being miserly.

What do you love to do that many people hate? What do you hate to do, but do anyway? This question was posted on July 12 by The Wagon.

This was a tough one for me, so I had to see what Renee wrote to give me an idea. I also love to do French knots and see how uniform I can get them. I would never use beads to replace them. As far as doing something I hate, I have a real rebellious streak, and I refuse to cave to anything I hate. Such as: remember the duplicate stitch that everyone was doing on sweaters to put designs on them? I rejected the idea, proclaiming it was a passing thing and wouldn't last. Sure 'nuff! Now we have the needle punch, and I refuse to get into yet another craft! My LNS used to have a sign on their window announcing classes on it. I notice it's no longer there.

Which project (finished or in progress) are you most proud of? Explain why. This question was posted on July 19 by Ish.

Mine is Paula Vaughan's "A Little Girl's Fancy." I had signed it up for the Rockome Counted Cross Stitch Show many years ago. I had received a 2nd place ribbon the year before, and when I started this piece, I had high hopes. As I went along, I began to have thread coverage and twisting problems, and it slowed me down so that I wanted to give up and cancel my piece for the show. I kept plugging along and finished it, though I hated every stitch. I knew when I finished that it was not winning quality, but with relief, I left it with my framer. She did a gorgeous job of picking the right mats and frame for it. I won nothing, but looking at that beauty over the bed in my guest room is pure pleasure. No one but me is aware of the things I sweated over.

Have you ever thought of getting a rider on your household insurance to properly cover your stash (some of us have quite an extensive stash that an average household policy wouldn't fully cover) in the case of some sort of damage to your house that would destroy/ruin charts, fabrics, floss, etc? This question was posted July 28 by Dani.

Good heavens, NO! I would love to have something come along and destroy all evidence of what I've spent and start all over.

How did you get started stitching? Was there a person that inspired you? This question was posted Aug. 15 by Jennifer.

I was at a baby shower way back when, and the mother-to-be opened a package of things with aida cloth sewn on and designs stitched over each little square. I was intrigued and asked about it. I already did tons of other types of needlework, so this "counting" stuff was something I had to try, and that was the beginning of the end. I was hooked.

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