Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Couple of Pick-Me-Ups

This pretty box with the adorable Boyds Bearwear pin and card came from Dianne before my surgery.

This wonderful needle magnet was made by my friend and designer, SusieQ. She does wonders on linen "over one." I wore both these gifties on my top before going into surgery. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup or jewelry, so my jewelry was on my clothing that day.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Halloween A Bit Early

Anyone in her right mind wouldn't share these pix, but my claim to fame has never included sanity. This was the night following my eye sugery for droopy eyelids (ptosis), which was cutting off nearly 50% of my vision. This was not cosmetic surgery by any means, but corrective surgery. I would never consent to any cosmetic surgery after this experience. I was awake during the whole procedure because I had to follow the surgeon's instructions to determine how much cutting and how much movement to the muscles to do, and despite local anesthetic, it was a horrifying experience. They gave me Vercet to relax me, but I metabolize it differently, or faster, than other people, and when they put a buckled strap over my legs and put my arms in restraining sheets in pockets at either side of the table, I became a raving maniac. Especially when they grabbed the muscle over each lid. I made the surgeon scratch my cheek when it itched; I demanded more "juice" (Vercet); I tried to break free; I told him I had to sneeze; and I did manage to maneuver the oxygen out of my nose and bite and blow the dressing off my lower face. Now that, my friends, is what is called the "fight or flight" response. The best they did for me was flood numbing drops into my eyes. Worthless..... When he finally told me he didn't need to give me instructions any more, I said, "Where's my anesthesiologist? Give me the juice!" Didn't do a damn bit of good, though, cause the doc was suturing me, and I felt every needle stab, downward and upward, saw and felt the drawing up with thread (catgut, or whatever it is they use). Didn't sleep till I got home hours later. Just goes to show your pets love you no matter how you look, bless their little hearts!

I followed instructions to the letter, which kept me so busy, I had time for little else, but using the ice 15 min. every hour kept my eyes from swelling shut, which sometimes happens to people. The pix you see here don't look good, but even after the swelling started, I could see better than before. Hard to believe. I haven't had one iota of pain since the actual surgery, though I know it looks quite painful. The recovery has been a piece of cake---really! Cleaning my sutures hasn't even hurt. I guess after the barbaric surgery, pain is relative.

The following pix were the 2nd day. After that, vast improvements have occurred. I was expecting the surgery to be easy and the recovery to be horrific. It has been just the opposite!

For more horror, just give the pix a click. OMG!!!

I promise nice things to come tomorrow. Sweet dreams, LOL!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Two Finishes

The Prairie Schooler 2005 Santa is for a Santa SAL with the Prairie Schooler Fans group.

The Berries piece is one of LHN's fruit thread packs with Crescent Colours. It was done as a cottage SAL with the Little House Needleworks group.