Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meet My New Kitty Since August

I now have a 4th kitty... this one a single orphan lost from the litter and found on a friend's of my son-in-law's porch.... crying for someone to rescue her. He was going to try to give her a chance at life, but he was at home so little, he was afraid she would die. I told him I would be her mother, and that's exactly what I did. She was less than 3 weeks old, and I did everything from feeding her kitty formula to stimulating her to poop and pee. She was flea-infested, was dehydrated, and had diarrhea. I took her to the vet as soon as I could get her in, while attending to her immediate needs first. I hardly left her side for about 6 weeks, and she flourished under my care. She's now very spoiled, but I'm very proud of her condition and how she loves us and her home. I have many pix of her as a small fluff, but here is a pic of her now. She has the audacity to take my stitching chair whenever possible, and when not there, she takes over my computer desk chair. Meet Annie, named for the story of Little Orphan Annie, and she has won our hearts. Where there are 3 loved kitties, there is always room in one's heart for a 4th.

Couldn't not share my bargains from Walmart's sewing dep't., fabrics for finishing smaller projects, pillows, etc. I just added these to my plastic tubs of fabrics, but then I found some great fabric cuts at my LNS for $1 each, all evenweaves and linens. These are packaged to the left of my Walmart fabrics. The blue/green fabric that's more centered is for a specific pattern that I have to remember, LOL! When I find the pattern, I'll show them together.

Tomorrow is my LNS' Super Bowl Sale, and my best friend and I are going together. I plan to do some damage, but whatever for, I'm not sure. Does it matter?


Megumi said...

Congratulations on your fabric bargains!

I'm completely with you regarding cats. I have 4 of them myself and just absolutely adore them. Your newest addition is adorable and very lucky to have found such a great home. :)

Shelleen said...

you got some great fabric, our Walmarts no longer carry them. I am soo glad to see you blogging again and let me know if you need help. Looks great so far Nancy!!!

stitcherw said...

Woohoo, she's back. Great to see you. Annie looks very comfy, she's found a good home. My cats love my stitching chair too, even more so it seems when I'm getting ready to sit and stitch. They seem to have built in timing, and then I hate to make them move, LOL.
Lovely fabric, that will make for some lovely finishing.