Friday, May 01, 2009

Answer To A Question

I know... I've been absent for a long time, but I'm not giving up. It's been a struggle, but I've been here in spirit all along. I won't even try to share the boring details.

In one of my Yahoo Groups, Stitching Sisters, the question came up of a tutorial on how to make floss rings, and several of the girls directed us to several great sites that have directions on many of the wonderful things that intrigue and inspire us stitchers. One of the girls posted the same tutorial I used for the floss rings I've made: Here are the two floss tags I've made. The first one was given as a gift to a friend.

Another girl suggested this site for a bit of all kinds of finishing: . If you Google cross stitch finishing tutorials, you'll find no-sew and all manner of clever things to use to "finish" your finishes. It's my greatest desire to start making wonderful handbags with sweet cross-stitched inserts on the front with lovely small prints, sewn together quilt-like and lined with practical, easy-to-see bright prints with zippered compartment, pockets for cellphone, eyeglasses, lipstick, etc. I've seen them, and fell in love. I ran across a book bag on The Sampler Girl's blog today, which reminded me that I need to start researching, designing, and looking for fabrics for my purses.... no, I mean handbags. I've always called them purses, but it's a little more refined to say handbags, I believe. After all, you purse your lips, right? I used to think I looked cutesy with pursed lips; now, it deepens those lines all around my old mouth from drawing on cigs when smoking was cheap and cool. I have several of the designs shown on this site, on which I saw the backpack which reminded me of my handbag notion that will probably go nowhere ;). I have the Mrs. Lincoln Sampler and the pack of Vikki Clayton silks for it and several other small designs I don't see on her blog, but I just love her blog and all the darling little freebies. It's fun to see how they finished the freebies. Eye candy!

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