Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Promised Pix

This handmade stitching sit-on frame holds LHN's "The Library," which is coming off and going back into a hoop. I'm just not happy with the resulting stitches, and it's extremely awkward for me.

This is the second time I started LHN's "Pear Tree" ornament. The first fatality is two posts ago on horrid fabric described in same post. This is on aida but has been fast and enjoyable. My whole outlook on my stitching has improved, and I have four different frame systems to get rid of, LOL! They're just not for me.


Tammy said...

I just found your blog great blog!! I added it to my blogs of stitching blogs

Shelleen said...

great to see you blogging again.

Dianne said...

Hi Coz!
Had no idea you were blogging again! I would look and look and you hadn't updated. Nice to see you stitching too. That's something I haven't done much in the last few months. I will get into it again. Just a lot of family matters and stuff.
Happy Spring!

Anne S said...

That's such a shame the scroll frame didn't work out for you! It takes some getting used to using two hands to stitch, but I love love love it now. I'm right-handed so have mine set up differently to yours - I have the clamp sitting on the left-hand side, with my left hand on top and that gives me more freedom with my dominant hand underneath on the right. I find the larger frames still quite cumbersome, though, and find I have to have the part that I'm stitching on quite close to the bottom of the frame to save me trying to stretch up the back - I have that problem with my Egyptian Garden Mandala at the moment, as I've been trying to use Qsnaps (quite large) and struggling to reach underneath - I think I'm going to have to put it on the scrollbars I originally bought for it. Hope this quick note finds you well, sweetie! x

Meari said...

You've got a good start going :)