Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Fixed My Blog!!!

Yes, I did! It's clean as a whistle, and I've not stitched one stitch because of shopping, other obligations, and hours working on this blanketty blank blog. I now know what to do with multiple tries of getting new backgrounds. I tried till my old dry eyes were blurry, and I figured out how to spot errors that screw with Blogger. Now I feel I can do anything!

Thanks to all who tried to help me with their suggestions. I found that nothing can teach you like making your own mistakes and repairing them yourself. If anything ever trips you up on Blogger, let me know, and I'll try to help you out.


Mary Ivancicts said...

I love it! Good Job! Love your finishes, they look good.

Shelleen said...

Awesome look to your blog.

Vikki said...

Congrates. The cat is too cute.

MaryT said...

Love you finishes and your kitty is so pretty..........I don't have a kitty anymore mine is gone and has been for a little over a month now. He went out like he always did and never came back.

Mary Louise