Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Promised Pix

This handmade stitching sit-on frame holds LHN's "The Library," which is coming off and going back into a hoop. I'm just not happy with the resulting stitches, and it's extremely awkward for me.

This is the second time I started LHN's "Pear Tree" ornament. The first fatality is two posts ago on horrid fabric described in same post. This is on aida but has been fast and enjoyable. My whole outlook on my stitching has improved, and I have four different frame systems to get rid of, LOL! They're just not for me.

It Has Been A Long Time, But.....

besides everything going on in my personal life, which is calming down, BTW, I received a nice surprise from DH. He had a new computer sent to me, and other than saving my favorites and my address book, I started with a clean slate, and I'm in a foreign country. I tried to download Webshots Desktop and Screen Saver, which I've had on every one of my old computers, and there is a conflict with Windows7 which maybe they'll get a fix for eventually. That has been a real disappointment; and I've had to learn to personalize it and make it feel not-so-weird and more like my dinosaur, which is now cleaned off and ready to work for someone else in the family for a few more years.

In spite of everything, just lately I've managed to do a bit of stitching, trying every stitching stand known to stitching circles and have decided in-hand and in-hoop or Q-Snap is the best way to go for me. I just took a snap of LHN's "The Library" in my handmade sit-on frame I got on eBay (actually very nice), and I just may take a scan (does anyone even use scanners any more?) of what I've done on LHN's "Pear Tree" ornament. My stitching is no nice on it cuz I used aida (an 8-yr.-old could use it), and I did it in-hand, hiding the evidence that I started it on some hand-dyed Silkweaver Solo that was, for some reason, not evenweave enough for smoothness and consistency. I need to learn how to get those lovely shots I see on other blogs of pieces lying flat to show different parts of a finished piece. Now that I have my confidence and mood back and am enjoying stitching, I have a lot of stitchy stuff to show, as my deceased SIL left some lovely pieces she had done nothing with, including two pieces that need to be finished stitching. One is an old Buckley Moss design, which is just lovely, and the other is an old Told In a Garden Amish design, which is precious. The others I've cleaned up from years of storage and am going to have framed. I'll try to get pix of those soon.

Now to find an editing program to edit these pix I'm going to blog ASAP. A blog without pix is b o r i n g.