Monday, August 01, 2011

Stash, Stitches, and other things...

I've not been very good at regularly blogging, but here is a pathetic attempt to get caught up, and if I can get organized, I'll try to keep at it.

Since last time, I've done two birds on the OakHaven Designs Yahoo Group bird SAL.

And in The Stitch Specialists Yahoo group, I have caught up with the Tree of Stitches; however, I'm not too pleased with the Carrie's Autumn Leaves thread I chose for the last part. It's too much of a contrast with the muted colors of the rest of the tree. Don't you think? Now, there is the last part coming with the critters in and around the tree. It isn't too late to join in this SAL.

Also, I have joined a Chatlaine SAL in which I'll be stitching Convent's Herbal Garden. I've taken a photo of two cut of fabric that I can't decide upon. The mushroom lugana is 28ct, and the more ivory color is 32ct linen. I thought that the beads might be crowded on the 32ct, so I bought the lugana. Later I found that quite a few ladies had stitched the design on 32ct and had no problems with the beads being crowded, so all I have to do is decide. Can you help me? I have to stitch a small floral center over one thread. Here are the two fabric from which I'm trying to choose:

And for the dab of stash this past month, there are things to help me get my stitching stand in operation again, some beads for my Tree of Stitches, a Pako gadget for line magnification, some threads, platinum needles I wanted to try, and Little House Needleworks' first reproduction sampler.


wendy111 said...

Hi Nancy, love the birds for your SAL and the bees in July. You will have to post a show it all piccie.

I like both the fabrics for Convent Herb Garden. I would put your floss on the fabric and see which one speaks to you! Having said that over one stitching is slightly easier on 28 than 32 count, but I manage on 32 with a magnifier. I have discovered that size 28 needles are lovely to do the over one with.

I also recommend enlarging the charts for the over one quite a lot and marking or highlighting each group of stitches you do as you do them. Counting is much harder with the smaller stitches.

There was also a link to how to do over one stitching posted in the TSS yahoo group and this has helped me immensely in my over one stitching. Let me know if you can't find it and I can give it to you.

So - choose a fabric and start - you will be amazed at how gorgeous the Chatelaines are in real life. The glow of the sparkly bits cannot be captured in a photo.


Mouse said...

Hi Nancy :) love the oakhaven birds ... and I agree that thread sticks out like a sore need to go a wee bit more muted like your other colours ... love your stash and I've just got the LHN sampler too :) take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxx

Mouse said...

doh forgot to say do a floss toss on the fabrics and see which looks best and take it from there as they are both lovely colours :) love mouse xxxx

Susieq said...

Please bring your Tree tomorrow to group, I'd love to see it in person. I agree with wendy111, it is easier to stitch over 1 on 28 count, but depending how loose the weave of the fabric is, 32ct isn't that difficult.

Sunshine said...

Great Stash! Your birds look really nice. I'd love to see a pic of them all together. I've never stitched over 1 on 32ct or 28ct. If you want a certain size, maybe choosing your fabric by finished design size might work for you. Happy Stitchin!

Nancy M said...

Nice stitching! I think the issue between 28 and 32 ct really makes a difference if it's a hand dyed, which tends to shrink the 32 ct to smaller than that. So if your pieces aren't really hand dyed I think the 32 would be fine if you prefer that color. You can also leave off a bead or 2 in areas where it can be tight and no one will no the difference.

Gabi said...

Love your birds Nancy.
I stitched 2 chatelaines. One on 28ct (Hawaiian) and one on 32ct. Both look lovely. The beads won't be a problem for either of the fabrics, they will look lovely on either count. I tend to like the 32ct a tad better.
If I was you I would choose the color of fabric you like better, because in all honesty, your Herb Garden will look great on whatever count you'll choose - beads included.

cucki said...

hello dear, i really love your stitching..the birds for your sal are very lovely.
i love your stash so much..have fun and happy stitching xx

Sally said...

Those birds are so sweet Nancy! Love the tree too.

Lovely new stash :)

Meari said...

The birds are really cute. The autumn leaves does stand out from the rest of the tree.

I like the lighter fabric for the Chatelaine. I'm doing JG (a Chatelaine) on 32ct fabric and I don't think the beads are going to be a problem. You should be fine.

Nice stashing!

Bekca said...

Hi Nancy, I love the latest bird designs on the OakHaven SAL. Is there anywhere I can find the charts for this design? Thanks.
Great new stash haul too, tell us what you think of the platinum needles. Best wishes and happy stitching.

Shelleen said...

I am glad that you are stitching away.

Kathy Ellen said...

Your birds look great! So colorful! Have fun with all of your new stitching stash. I have not seen the LHN first sampler reproduction design...must check that one out. Have fun stitching this week with your new stitching accessories!

chrisstitches said...

Good job on your projects.
Thanks for sharing. Been busy this summer & just catching up on the blogs.
chris b.

Giovanna said...

Lovely stitching Nancy!

Bee said...

Hi Nancy,

Love the Bird SAL, really cute! As for your Chatelaine, try a floss-toss and see if that helps?

Re your Tree - it's looking beautiful, and I do like the contrast that the autumn shade gives your tree, but you need to balance it, maybe by using some of it to do the rabbit/flower/owl in the last part, or you could pick out one of the shades from the thread for the beads?

You could always try this first - (nothing to stop you taking it out later if you still don't like it!), which might save you having to undo the whole branch . . and there's always the danger that you might find that changing it for another muted colour makes the Tree look TOO washed out!

Anyway, just an idea!

Kay said...

I just love all your wips, you have been a busy lady with your stitching!