Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Review

A few weeks ago, I received a surprising email from a nice person named Yiota, living in the UK, who wanted me to review one of her cross stitch kits. She's interested in getting more traffic and interest in her website and wanted me to choose a kit, which she would send to me free of any charge to open, inspect, and review on my blog. She had happened upon my blog and had decided that this would be a good medium from which to get her website better known. I poured over her site, which I never knew existed before and was delighted with the variety. I had several picked out but eventually asked my husband to help me. I had picked several artists' work charted for cross stitch, but when I showed him the one he decided on for me, he said it looked more like something I would choose to stitch, so I let Yiota know I wanted the following:

This is how the kit appeared when I turned it over to the back:

And this is what I found when I totally opened the kit and spread the contents:

The first thing I noted as a plus was that the floss was wound on numbered cards. My only kit-buying experience has been with floss that needed sorting or pre-sorted floss in strands; never already wound and ready to start stitching. A definite advantage to the cards is that, should the stitcher be short on a floss color, the instructions have a key that names the DMC colors that can be replenished should frogging take place and floss becomes in short supply. That is a definite plus for me.

While there is a piece of white aida with needle inserted, and I prefer working on evenweave or linen, it's true in this particular design that the design is solid and would not show the "blocks" of the aida that I, myself, do not care for. When I brought this up to Yiota, she replied that her company is in the process of offering the option of evenweave over aida for those who prefer stitching on that. Although I didn't want to show the chart in detail, for fear of copyright infringement (dishonest people blowing up the photo and charting it themselves); however, I did find it to be clear and easy to read, in black and white, and similar to Heaven and Earth Designs' charts. I would probably enlarge both Yiota's charts and HAED charts for my own personal preference, as I'm not young any more and do experience vision problems because of an autoimmune problem. I also appreciate that there are no fractional or half stitches; this chart is all full cross stitches.

I hope I have covered all that applies to my lovely kit. I would say that it is far superior to kits I have bought in the past. The carded floss is the single most appealing feature and most conducive to immediate stitching when received. The overall quality of contents is excellent.


Susieq said...

I love your new blog background.

cucki said...

hello dear, i really the sweet is really going to be fun stitching..
lovely blog background..
keep well and happy stitching xxx

Nancy said...

Wow, that is cool that she contacted you to have you do a review. I have checked out her site too and think I may have to order something sometime soon.

Mel said...

Oh I LOVE the new background! Where did you find it?

Many hugs for Amber - Abby sends her commiserations.

Questions about the kit:

1. Did the colours of floss that came with the kit look true to the colours on the picture on the front?
2. Is there enough variation in the symbols that you could follow one thread through or are the symbols too similar?
3. Is there anywhere on the kit recongnition of the original copyright holder? Recognition of who the original artist is and that this company has specific permission to use their material?


Anne Sans Tete said...

Sounds lovely. It's always nice to find another place to get stash!!!

- Lisa N. in Cambodia

Yiotas Cross Stitch said...

thanks so much for the review. I am glad you like my kit :-)

Kay said...

I love your new background, it is so awesome!! The kit looks like it will be fun to stitch and beautiful as well!