Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Still Having Blogger/Google Problems

I'll try to keep this short, as it's not too interesting, except that I'm a sheer genius. I found a Google group that is dedicated to posts about Beta Blogger. Many complaints; nothing answered by the "pros" who signed on to help with the Google accounts/Beta Blogger. One section is "Help! I'm locked out of my blog!" People just like me. I've lost my ability to leave comments on non-beta bloggers---so I'm not being unattentive to you who take the time to comment on my blog when I'm able to get in to post.

Screw the "pros" who don't know the answers. I spent countless hours figuring out how to beat Beta Blogger at locking me out, and I reported it to the forum who has the same problem as I. They were dumbfounded that it's the only thing they've found to work. Believe it or not, you have to sign up for a brand new blog everytime you want to access your own blog. It doesn't even give a message that the email addy or password has already been used. I've created several new blogs just getting into my dashboard. And another of the problems I noticed on the Google help group is that once they delete a blog, it comes back. Same thing is happening to me. I'm creating new blogs, and they leave for awhile, only to return like a bad penny. The group I helped who have been locked out of their blogs are next going to have a list of blogs like me. Hope Google has plenty of available space. The list is going to be getting longer every day. ROFLMAO!!!


Wendy said...

Nancy ~ Sounds like a nightmare! I'm still just with regular ol' Blogger and I was feeling left out because everyone else seems to have upgraded. Now I think I'm happy to still be plain ol' me!

AnneS said...

You poor thing - sounds like you've been having never-ending problems with Beta ... but today's post gave me a giggle ;) I'd hate to see the posts on that BB! :D