Friday, March 30, 2007

Holy Cow! I've Been So Busy!

Some of you already know this, but I've taken on my 16-year-old granddaughter as a resident. Her life is a mess, and she's not getting along at home. Bless her heart.... she called me after spending a weekend with a friend and asked me if she could come live with us. We're both just nuts about her. She's been here close to 3 weeks, and things are going well. She's working very hard to get her good grades back up by going to tutorials before school starts; she's working her butt off in soccer (and it keeps me running to her games, although we did get her car back, thank goodness); and she's also working part-time, but she's very tired, and so am I. I haven't had the time, nor the inclination, to stitch, but I'm planning to make time starting tonight. She's working at her part time job at Arby's after her soccer practice from 7:00 to 11:30, then she works tomorrow also. She's now on spring break, so they'll be scheduling her for more hours next, which is good---keeps her busy while school is out.

Our house plan works out nicely for her because it's a split plan, with the master suite on one side of the house, and two bedrooms and bath between at the other side. She has her own space, and she loves it, though she's not very tidy. I just close the door. Her dad screams and hollers about the kids' bedrooms at home, and she doesn't get that here. I don't sweat the small stuff. That's not what's important to me, though I do tidy up her bathroom after she goes to school. I like my bathrooms to be clean, and she's on such a tight schedule, I don't argue---I just do it. She's loving the peace here and says her bed here is awesome; says she sleeps like a baby. Part of it, I think, is the absence of yelling and criticizing. I'm not being critical because I remember those teen years with my own kids only too well, and it wasn't easy. Being a grandparent has given me a whole new perspective on what is truly important. I am soooo enjoying nurturing again. Once a mother, always a mother, and I also treat my cats like my babies. Speaking of which, I got some cute pix of them in my sewing toom the other day. I just have to share:

Pib (Pain In the Butt) wants to know if she can come into the sewing room to play, looking up at Caiti on mom's chair. "Can I join you?"

But Caiti swats at her and is not willing to share., very satisfied with her claim on my chair. Amber was elsewhere, wanting nothing to do with their silliness. These kids!


Suzanne said...

yes, I think all teenagers have rooms like that - my DS does. I just close the door and don't ever look! LOL Hope you get some stitching time in this weekend! Suz

Lizzy said...

I'm happy to hear your grand-daughter is adjusting so well to life at Grandma's Nancy! Sounds like it is doing her a world of good! I hope things settle down into a happy routine for you all soon... and I hope you find some much needed stitching time for yourself, Hun! :-)

I think all kids must go through that stage with their bedrooms, et cetera... Mine still have rooms like that sometimes! lol

Love the piccys of your sweet kitties... they are so precious!

Lots of love and {{{Hugs}}}

valda said...

Both of my kids had and one still has a room like that. I just close the door when it starts to bother me. Wish I could close the doors on the rest of the house! lol

Glad to hear your granddaughter is doing so well at your house. It sounds like the best situation for her.

Your kitties are adorable!

Nancy said...

I'm glad to hear your granddaughter is happy with you! Your kitties are beautiful! I do hope you get some much needed stitching time in this weekend. Enjoy.


stitcherw said...

Cute kitty pictures, they are such fun to watch. I hope everything works out with your granddaughter. It is so hard for them at that age. I remember when I was younger I could get along with my grandparents even when I didn't seem to be able to get along with anyone else. My daughter was the same way when she was younger with her room, like you I just closed the door. Pretty much unless it was trickling out of her room and into the hall I tried to ignore it. With that age you really have to pick the issues that are important, like you said, don't sweat the small stuff. It's funny, now she is such a little neat nik you'd never know that she could ever have had a messy room, LOL. I'm glad you were there for her, it can really make all the difference. Hang in there, and try to take some time to stitch, you need your personal time to stay balanced for both her and you. {{hugs}}

Mary said...


I'm happy your grand daughter is ajusting, you are a very special person.