Sunday, July 12, 2009

What Have I Been Doing This Month?

Here is someone else's rendition of LizzieKate's July Flip-It, 2002. I gathered the "ingrediants" for a "QSW" on Stitching_Sisters (Quick Stitch Weekend), and though it took me longer than a weekend, that's when Richard and I have been doing our yard work. For me, as slow as I am, just getting this done is a miracle with everything else I had going on.

Hey, I like my version of July better than this one above. Woopee!

Even though I've been tremendously busy with other things, I've managed to get a dab of stitching done. I'm nearly done with my dad's "Faith," a scriptural thread pack by Little House Needleworks I'm going to make into my first flatfold. Wish me luck, LOL! I've done nothing with my mother's same kind of design, "Peace," since my last report, below.

During all my gardening this summer, I discovered tons of mushrooms one day when I was working on the outside perimeter of the yard. These were all in teh yard, some being bright white; some being almost yellow. I pulled one up and turned it over so I could the perfection of the compartments divided by the underlying membranes. I was awe-stricken by God's plan on the smallest of things. Just the fact that all the rain, then a sunny day, sent the mushrooms up in areas was awesome to me. Gardening has been a treat and therapy for me. I have to get more pix of what my husband and I have done around the mailboxes, post lantern, etc.

Here is a picture of my muddy grandson, Tristan, after a game at football camp. We had quite a few days of storms, but he never wavered and has never been afraid of getting dirty. I wish you could see him from the front, as he's a good-lookin' kid and is built like a brick you-know-what. Now this is a grandmother speading for her youngest grandchild, but he honestly is a handsome. Hate his mouth though. I'd like to slap it off. That had better change ;-) Some cute lil thing's gonna come along some day, and he may change his ways---and his mouth, cuz I don't know anyone who'll put up with it!

I'm slightly late in getting graduation pix up, but I've been so busy, I honestly forgot. These are very special pix of the loves in my life. The 3 graduates are my granddaughter, Moriah, in the middle, with her mother (my daughter Vanessa) in the black, at her side. The graduate on the left is my great niece, Kami, with her mother, Kelly, my neice, at her right side. The graduate on the right side of the pic is my great niece, Rachel, with her mother, my niece, Julie, beside her daughter. The graduate cousins were all born within 4 mos. of one another. They're fun, beautiful, and smart. What more could we all want?

Another event we went to in our neighborhood was a huge retirement for one of our closer neighbors' father's retirement, who was leaving city service of over 53 years. The buffet and tent was an incredible set-up, with the huge cakes in their lovely new home, where the A/C was going full blast and many were finding it the place to visit, LOL! His son, an old friend of ours from school, was escorting people arriving and parking alongside the golf course, to the tent, where many were eating and conveying their good wishes to his father and mother. Steve also caught people walking back to their cars and gave them a ride back. We and the other neighbors from the country club, took our own carts, but this was so cute that I had to step out and get a picture of Steve and his homemade sign.


Shelleen said...

I love when you post to your blog :-) Your nieces and granddaughter and their mothers are all beautiful. Good job on the LKs

Meari said...

Indeed, you've been busy-busy-busy! Great photos of the graduates :) Congrats on your finishes. Your stitching looks great, Nancy.

StitchCat said...

Wow Nancy, Loving your stitching. You have done some beuatiful work. I can't get over how Moriah has grown....Check out my blog, I have something for you :)
Love Margaret xxx

Vikki said...

congrates on the finishes Nancy. When are you going to call me????

Eddy said...
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Eddy said...

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