Saturday, January 15, 2011

S.A.B.L.E. Which Means....

Stash Acquisition Beyone Life Expectancy. At 63, even though I've heard that it's the new 43, I've got way more than I can ever use. I was given some money by DH before Christmas and told to buy whatever I wanted, so I bought more stash! I know, it's crazy! These pix lack photographic experience, but I'm terrible with a camera in hand, so I've had to repeat photos of the same things in the first picture to explain what they actually are because you can't tell with my photography.

The first on the left in the picture is Rosewood Manor's "Quakers and Quilts" shown without so much glare in a photo below. The 2nd phot is The Stitching Parlor's "Pumpkins For Sale" with its button pack sitting on the bottom. Next are two patterns I love that I've also pictured below. On the bottom left is Lizzie Kate's "Winter Fab Fob" kit, then Sheep At Night needle minde by Kelmscott. Last is a new pair of Sullivan scissors.

This is Rosewood Manor's "Quakers and Quilts" that I saw made up and it was love at first sight. I notice that Vikki Clayton has a conversion of her silks that would do this pattern very well!

These are the patterns I just discovered and dearly love, With Thy Needle and Thread. They have detailed instructions as to how to get the pieces to look exactly like the ones on the front of the chart pack. There is "St. Noel" and "Snow Day." Very nice!

This is Country Cottage Needleworks' "A Place We Call Home" that I have kitted, ready to go, but WHEN?

And this one I kitted also. It's Country Cottage Needleworks' "Snowflack Serenade" that I saw done up at my LNS and had to bring it home. It's a "must do." Aren't they all???

The good news is that I'm organizing and cleaning my sewing room and going through stash that I will never do. The bad news is that I have an order of more stash coming from a New Year's sale at J.J.'s Collectibles! It was shipped yesterday. I was striving for free shipping so I added a couple of things to get it up there. Spend more to save a little... doesn't make any sense at all, does it?


Gabi said... beautiful. My brain stopped working properly soon as I started drooling over the quaker sampler. SO beautiful

Lisa said...

Wow, you received some gorgeous stash there! My favourite is the LK fob kit, I really need to look into getting that one lol.

Valda said...

Great stash! It's been so long since I have bought any....

Nancy M said...

Nice stash! The second I saw Snowflake Serenade I had to have it too!r