Monday, February 06, 2012

WIPocalypse - 2nd Full Moon Report

I knew I wouldn't be able to just stick with the WIPocalypse projects I originally noted, as there are others sneaking into the act as well. I'm not disciplined at all. I started the new year by joining a German Yahoo group, Sticklounge. They have 50 German members and 50 English speaking members, and when that limit is met, they close memberships, which, as far as I know, has been accomplished at this time. English speaking ladies must have a Godmother to help them with the language barrier, in some cases, but mostly to help with the rules of the group. I committed to stitching an exclusive design that will stretch out for a year (till January 2013), and it's huge! I just received my Carrie's silks and bought the fabric and will begin stitching that ASAP.

Till then, I still have my Year of Hearts SAL to continue, and the designer of that one is going to be offering one of her designs to Sticklounge that she guarantees I'll also want to stitch, which starts next month, I think.

I do have one little accomplishment for WIPocalyspe from my list, and it's also my 2nd finish for the year, though it wasn't started this year. It's SanMan Originals Autumn Circle, which I plan to make into my first biscornu, and I purchased large autumn pins from Just Another Button Company to put into it.

My Year of Hearts can be seen in the post below this one, and I have the next two hearts to add for March and April.

But to end this post, I want to share with you my most human of all my four cats, and I have featured her before, but it's Amber, who is unbelievably loyal to me and humanly jealous of my affections towards the others. Here you can see where she is in the evenings when I am downstairs in my little sewing room off this great room where she's lying. She doesn't go downstairs to the finished basement unless I'm down here, and she comes down and tries to get me to go back upstairs with her while I'm stitching. When I refuse, she goes into this room and awaits my return upstairs by lying in front of the fireplace in the winter and patiently waits till I call her to go upstairs with me. I keep the downstairs lights low (hence the darkness), but my sewing room is bright with light.

And to all, stitch by the light of the moon tomorrow, and may we all be stitching by March's full moon on March 8.


Faith... said...

Love your Autumn Circle... don't think I ever seen that chart at SanMan.

Amber looks so comfy laying in front of the fireplace. That spot would be where I picked to wait too!

Mary Ivancicts said...

Autumn Circle looks good! The Cat looks so comfy!

Linda said...

Great job on Autum Circle. Amber looks so cozy. Gotta love our furbabies.


Giovanna said...

Very cute finish, congratulations! It's a great idea to make a biscornu with it.

cucki said...

aww autumn circle is looking so lovely xxx

Mouse said...

ooooo love your san man ... if you need help just squeak
and awwwww lovely amber .... will just sneak in and have a lie down next to her as it looks sooo cozy there :)
and oooo good luck with your new big project ... sounds like fun having some one help you with the language etc :) love mouse xxxx

Cindy said...

I love the finish Nancy. I'm a sucker for Halloween stuff. Good luck with you Sticklounge group. I can't stitch to a deadline so I don't join those type things. Which one are you doing?

Cindy in MA

Sally said...

Your Autumn Circle looks gorgeous. Love the rich colours.

Susieq said...

The Sanman turned out so cute. I heard you bought a BIGGG piece of material during Super Bowl. Bring the project to stitch group, I'd love to see it. Jasper tries to get me in my recliner when I'm in another room too. Sometimes he's very persistant.

Meari said...

Your finish is adorable. Are you doing the Quaker piece at Sticklounge?

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

Your Autumn Circle looks lovely.

Amber is such a sweetie.

I love cats - we have two.

stitchesnscraps said...

I like that Sanman Autumn Circle! Can't wait to see the biscornu you make with it! Love your kitty! They are so funny sometimes! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa J.

Kay said...

Autumn circle looks wonderful! Your kitty looks cute. Reminds me of my cats!