Sunday, September 17, 2006

I've Lost My Momentum

So I'll start off slowly and visit all your blogs, post comments, and start getting back into the swing of things. I've missed all of you, my dear friends, and I've thought many times of diving back in again, then something else would sweep the rug out from under my feet.

It's been a long and difficult summer, and I poured out my heart to Anne Shackles yesterday and some time ago, before everything hit the fan, to Dawn Bowers and Dianne Collins. I know for a fact like I know my own heart that when times get hard, it helps to stitch, but even that went by the wayside. I did two or three little things and felt selfish for doing even that. With all that was going on with my family, I didn't think I deserved to feel any better. The good news is that no one died, and life does go on. The one thing I've learned about life when it's particularly difficult is that if you can hang in there, it always changes.

You want to hear the weird thing about all this? I never quit buying stash. Wasn't stitching a lick, but I have an LNS here in town who kept asking a best friend about me, so I'd go in and buy something, and I had a couple ONS's I get automatic shippings from. Both the sweet gals would email and ask if there was anything else I needed before sending the auto shipments out. Well, that's a given.... a little squishy package in the mail was always a happy moment, though there were a couple of times that I would make myself wait to open it cuz I felt guilty when my sister was having problems or my granddaughter was in trouble, etc. I won't bore you with the details. It's quite a long story, and Anne got the whole sordid truth. I felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders just telling a special stitching friend my troubles.

So, please be patient with me and give me time to get around and visit your blogs. You're all such inspiration to me and your friendship warms my heart. In the meantime, should I take pix of my acquired stash to share here since I've been un-blogging, and should I answer all the SBQ's since my absence, and should I share the few little things I managed to stitch? Should I trash this blog and start with a totally new look? Is the cat thing passe'? I've even lost my confidence and need suggestions. What I really need is a kick in the rear end to get me going again!


Stitchingnow said...

Do not feel guilty for wanting to stitch. I think that was Gods way of saying take some time for you & regroup. We all need us time no matter what is going on around us. I like your blog but maybe it would get your mojo back to change it a bit. I for one would love to see what you are working on or have done in your absence. Cheer up my Friend all is good..

Meari said...

Any time you need an ear, feel free to spill it on me. I don't mind! :-) As for your blog, do what you feel like. If you don't like the cats, change it. I've come to know you by the kitty website, so I happen to like it.

Von said...

Nancy, it's your blog and you should change it if that feels right. But if it makes you smile when you see it, don't change a thing. :)

It's good to see you again! Just jump on in where you are and don't look back. You are not behind. I'm sure we'd all like to see the projects you've been working on tho. :D

AnneS said...

Woohoo - you took that first big step forward ... it's so nice to see you back again :D {{hugs}} I'd glad I could help in some small way - and I'm always here for you when you need me :D I for one would love to see piccies of your stash ... and I love your little LHN finish :) Good luck with catching up with your blog reading ... I'm still not caught up from 2 months ago, so I know how hard it is! Sometimes I'm tempted to just mark all as read and start from fresh, but then I'm worried I'd miss out on all the good stuff, so I continue to plough through it all ;P LOL

You might find some people have signed up for the 'beta blogger' that is still ironing out some bugs, and you may be unable to post to them unless you choose 'anonymous' and just sign your name at the end of the comment - fingers crossed they'll fix that up soon ...

Susimac said...

Its lovely that you are back, I have been wondering how things have been for you.

If you feel like a change to your blog then you change it its your blog, its the content thats important for me and I love reading what you have been doing and seeing your pics.

(((Hugs))) Su

Chelle said...

I'm so excited to see you back! I hope your life settles down soon. Personally I love your kitty theme, but do whatever makes you happy. I'll be here reading regardless!