Sunday, October 08, 2006

S'more Stash

Several small Solos recently purchased from Silkweaver. It's always fun to see how close they are to the pix on the site. They're usually pretty close.

Then, there are accessories. I love gadgets. One can never have too many Piecemaker needles, and the scissors are one of Dinky Dyes' new scissor line. Then, there is that gadget I couldn't live without---a magnetic needle puller. Wonder if I'll ever use it, LOL! Had to have it though.

I really have been swamped lately, and I do so appreciate all your lovely visits and comments, so I vow to get around to visit all of you very soon. I'm still playing catch up with so many things in my life.


Kim said...

Love your latest finish! And s'more stash is always fun! :D Sounds like you've been quite a busy lady. :D

Von said...

Oooo, love your new stash! Those fabrics are luscious! :D

Meari said...

I love gadgets too! I've been wanting one of those needle pullers for a while now. I'm jealous! The fabbies are very pretty. Enjoy your stash.