Monday, November 14, 2005

Another Birthday Stash Shipment Arrived

My stuff from The Needlework Shop came Saturday and was on my front porch overnight. My niece found it yesterday when she came to have a car title signed by DH. We never use the front door, so I never thought to check for it yet.

The limited edition of Mirabilia's Christmas Elf Fairy is just so sweet, and I got it 30% off because of my birthday. The rest are just adorable little kitty designs. I especially like Val's designs, but the two cat samplers are cute as a bug too. Perhaps instead of saying bug, I should say mouse?

"This woman has really crossed the line this time."


Kim said...

Hoorah! More stuff! LOL I just love getting cross stitch stuff in the mail. And how funny that it was sitting out there waiting, my mom used to have the same problem with deliveries. Those patterns are very adorable. I love those Val's Stuff patterns. This is a happy birthday month indeed. ;)

Chris said...

Lucky you getting the Miribilia 30% off. I just love all the kitties on your blog. It is so pretty.

Dianne said...

You have your winter stitching all ready to go!
Hey, I've been trying to get the little icon and different expression for my comments. How did you do that?
This blog looks great!

Lili said...

Hi! First time I reach your blog thanks to Kim, and I immediately entered it in my favs: I'm a cat lover so... I love all the pics you have added, it makes your blog very welcoming! Where do you find these?
My kids and I really enjoyed your cats' pics! We will visit again...
Great x stitch stuff! I'm an addict too, and our hobby fills my life... and house!

BeckySC said...

WOOHOO stash-one of my most favorite things :) Enjoy it :)

Thanks for the e-mail :)