Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Stitching Bloggers' Question of the Week

How do you feel about staying totally true to a pattern? Do you feel that you have to rip out stitches to fix a mistake or do you feel it's acceptable to incorporate a mistake into the design?
It all depends on where it is in the design, how far along the design is, and if it will affect future stitching. I find it hard to live with an error, no matter if I think I can make up for it or not. It's the only perfectionism in my life. The house can go to hell, but when I clean it, it has to be perfect, as I like my stitching to be. I will obsess over a stitch and leave the laundry piled up. When I clean a bathroom, you could eat off the toilet seat, but I wouldn't take less than a million dollars to lick it. Yuck.... how'd I get off on this tangent?

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Kim said...

The toilet comment got a good giggle out of me, thanks!