Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Getting Back in the Groove and Giving Thanks

I have to remind myself now & then just how very fortunate I really am. We just had a lovely Thanksgiving, and though all of us have things to be sad about, we all have so much more to be glad about. Without my family and friends, I am nothing. Here are some examples of two of my friends who sent me birthday gifts, and I've never met either one. It's not that I treasure the things so much as the gesture, though I really do love the things too. The top and middle picture is of the package Dianne Collins sent me for my birthday. I don't even know how she found some of the kitty things. Look at the 3 brass kitty plaques on the 3 frames for my 3 kitties. There's an organizer for the most disorganized gal in stitching circles. Look at the larger picture of the outrageous "witchy" cat I LMAO at! The Liz Claiborne pin has the citrine stones on the bee and is the moss green of the bulk of my clothing. She made the mushroom-shaped pin cushion I had admired on her own blog. The "flaky" snowman is a Boyds, which I collect. You can see it all for yourself---chock full of goodies for a crazy cat lady---even the Charles Wysocki card. Words cannot describe how humbled I was by the care with which these things were chosen for me.

Then, there is a lady I love whose name is Ruth Carlos. I've known her as long as I've known Dianne. I would love to meet her, especially since 1.) she's older than I, and 2.) she lives in Australia. Ruth is a kindred spirit. She's a generous spirit with a twinkle in her eye and an Erma Bombeck-type sense of humor. Right up my alley!

Long ago, she found out that I love Karen Couchman's designs. She's a native Australian, and I've always been in love with her critter designs. I told Ruth which designs I had, and she was supposed to let me know something from the USA not readily available to her. I never heard another word till just before my birthday, here comes these two lovely charts autographed by Karen herself. I wrote to Ruth to thank her and ask her what I can send to her. No response. All three of us---Dianne, Ruth, and I, have November birthdays, and now that I'm shaking off my pity party, I'm going shopping for these two lovely gals. November is pretty much over, but no matter. The holidays are upon us and 'tis the season for giving. My ideas are starting to come for Dianne. What about Ruth? Any other ladies from "down under" who can give me ideas as to what is difficult to come by in your corner of the world? And what a wonderful world it is when you have friends!


Dianne said...

How sweet of you to display your gifts. Glad you liked them all. Ruth send excellent gifts!
I don't expect anything in return. Ask my mom, I love to give gifts!!

Kim said...

What fun gifts! I love the witchy cat, I saw a Xmas one like that and nearly bought it,now I wish I had. :) You are it is wonderful to have friends!