Monday, January 02, 2006

Mirabilia SAL Stitchers Jan 1 Start

This is my first Mirabilia, and it was resurrected from the UFO pile when CarolAnn began her moderator's job at Friends Gather BB and her new Mirabilia SAL Stitchers Yahoo Group. I had already started this Scent of Old Roses, so I didn't get all this done yesterday. I got a very late start, but she is gaining a bit in colors.

I have 3 SAL's which were all to start yesterday, and I have a full plate, so I didn't want to put down this lady down. I didn't get near as much time with her as I had planned, but if I didn't have to live, I'd have a lot more time to stitch.


Isabelle said...

Oh, I love Scent of Old Roses! Looking forward to admiring your progress!

Kim said...

That is a beautiful project! It's looking great already!

I hope you have a lot of fun with your UFOs!

And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Congrats! I hope you had a lot of fun. :D

Happy New Year!

Dianne said...

Looking good!
I am doing 'Giggles in the Snow' as you may know (just the boy right now) and I can see why people like Mirabilia! I've never stitched one before and you seem to get a lot stitched in a short time as the charts are easy to follow.

cathymk said...

She looks lovely already. Scent of Old Roses is a beautiful design.

(On a side note I am so pleased to read your cat is well. I have a small ginger cat too and we were very concerned about your baby.)