Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Baby! In Need of Prayers, Please....

I'm asking for your good thoughts and/or prayers. Those of you who know me know how much my kitties mean to me. I just took my youngest (a beautiful orange tabby with symmetrical white markings) into the vet for the 3rd time for a urinary tract infection that seems to be impervious to antiobiotics. The last med she got was the strongest they make for that illness. Her bladder was flat (no urine), so the vet asked me to leave her overnight so that they could get a urine sample. She warned me that her next step was to suspect the kidneys. I asked what could be done in that case. She said with that warning "look" in her eyes that there is really nothing that can be done. Of course, I could read between the lines. I asked her if it hurts when Amber pees, and she said that yes, it's just like a human hurts with an infection. I've heard her plaintive meows in the litter box before and cringed. I took Amber's blanket and couldn't even kiss her goodbye when I turned and left without my baby. The vet, whom I dearly love, picked Amber up gently and told me to try not to worry.

I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm hanging onto the last vestiges of hope, but I'm sobbing like I've already lost her.

Love to all


Singular Stitches said...

My thoughts are with you and your kitty

My female tuxedo has had a LONG history of painful urinary tract infection and we tried meds, anti-depressant meds, different foods, etc. She was still having VERY painful episodes (my kitties are my children too!). We were just about to have her go through an ultrasound, when yet another vet suggested a new food. We'd already gone down that route, but she was very enthusiastic about it. It actually worked!! It's Waltham SO, and it's prescription food from the vet. The only time she had a relapse in the years she was eating it, we misplanned and ran out. A bit pricey, $35/about 15lbs but I'd pay 3X knowing it works! We don't feed her any other food. Another benefit - both of my cats eat it and their fur has never been so soft and luxurious.

I hope you find a solution - watching the kitties in pain is torture!

Kim said...

Oh no! That is so sad! I hate to think of any animal in pain! I hope the vet can help her. I read the comment from Singular Stitches and like her I wonder if a change of diet might help. I will certainly send out prayers and good thoughts for your precious kitty.

Lee said...

Keeping a good thought for you and your kitty

Susimac said...

Oh that is so sad, I really hope that your vet can do something for her, I hate it when the pets are ill, I have 2 cats myself and they have both been poorly lately and it breaks your heart.

Chin up and think positive

Su -UK

Heather said...

What a beautiful kitty. It's no wonder you were worried.