Saturday, January 14, 2006

First 24 Hour Challenge

As a volunteer moderator for Becky's Friends Gather BB, the 24 Hour Challenge forum, we had our first monthly challenge (2nd Friday-Saturday of each month). I failed my own challenge. I'm laughing about it now, but I was up till 3AM this morning frogging out-of-place snowflakes on the Sweetheart Tree's "Snowflakes In The Pines," (left pic and beautiful stitched up---if you can, lol). Bleary-eyed and frustrated, I knew my chances of getting it cleaned up and finished were nil, so I pulled out a small Bent Creek piece, "Snowbound." It's about as simple as they come, but I wasn't even sure about getting it done, as we had to leave town and then go out to eat with friends tonight. I knew it would be close.

Actually, I did pretty well on it for as little time as I had, but the snow on the ground got tedious, and there is no snow in the sky or on the roof. Thankfully, I have nowhere to go, no pressures tomorrow, and all day on a cold day to stay home and clean up my snowflakes on the left piece (next month's challenge?) and finish the 2nd piece. "Snowbound" would make a cute fob for wintertime. It's small enough. A cute top for a little box of some kind too.

Just hope Becky doesn't fire moderators who fail their own challenges ;-) . The other girls did a great job on their projects. I'm so proud of their lovely finishes!


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Nancy, You definitely gave it a good try. I love that little bent creek design.

Isabelle said...

Nancy, you did a great job and you certainly showed how committed you felt. "Snowbound" is just too cute!!

It's great news about your dear kitty, too. I can imagine how miserable you must have felt, not knowing how she was during all that time. This is so great. Sorry I couldn't try and comfort you... I was offline for more than a week :/ But do give a big hug to Amber for me, will you? :)

Carol said...

Too funny :-) I have a feeling Becky has no desire to "fire" you LOL!!

Singular Stitches said...

I love that design!!! Don't we all work better under pressure?? :o)

Ooooh! I'm on the waiting list for FGBB, I can't wait to be able to participate!