Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Love Shines Through

your beautiful, feeling, and sincere comments about my situation with Moriah. I appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to say what you feel, and I cried while reading what you all had to say. I'm praying that God will show us all the way to the best situation. The good thing is that even if her parents decide they want her back home and she wants to go, I can see all of them every day if I want to, as they live in the same town. We're keeping communication open with our daughter and letting her know how things are going, and what she's doing. I don't want this to create a wedge. Time will tell, but right now, she has been ordered out and says she'll never be able to go back. The nice thing about grandparenting is that it gives a person a 2nd chance at parenting, to correct one's previous mistakes. My best friend is the product of a mother who threw her out and whose grandparents raised her. She found her mother on the Internet and called on Mother's Day to tell her about her 5 grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Her mother told her that she wasn't interested and not to bother her ever again. That's beyond my comprehension, as it would be for all of you. This friend of mine is 70 years old, looks 50, and is a lovely person, inside and out. She is one of the most loving mothers I know. She could have been just the opposite, but she chose a different path and accepts that her mother was incapable of love. However, it broke her heart. As a product of the most loving mother and father I can imagine, I can't understand anything less. They still, at my ripe age of 60, try to take care of me. I think loving and taking care of their kids has been the most important thing in their lives, and it has contributed to their longevity. I don't know what I'll do without them.

Here are a few pix of stuff I had on my camera:

These are a few of my eBay bargains. I bought the two Mill Hill kits (love to do these!) from a gal who sells for at least 25% off on eBay. The two Brittercup designs and the sewn things at bottom (candy cane print wallhanging holder and bright green tuck pillow) are all from Barb, whom I met at a stitching retreat last October. She scouts out overstock and old charts at various LNS' and sews the most wonderful things for stitching that I'm her present best customer, LOL! She'll do things at your request, sew something on her site in your choice of color, etc. The best thing that she has going is the hoop and Q-Snap cover that keeps your fabric clean as you work. Her name is Barb, and I highly recommend her services.

These are a few of the latest Prairie Schooler designs, of which I've always been a big fan because of the classic simplicity that never goes out of style. For once, I think I paid full price for these, though I normally only buy at bargain prices. I'm cheap, but not when you add it all up, LOL!

I recently ordered a couple of times for conversions of Vikki Clayton's silks for some of my newer charts, which I'll get pix of later. In the process, the cheap side of me took advantage of her irresistible bargains. Her lovely miscellaneous items are dirt cheap, and her sometimes funky colors of silk she's discontinuing are marked down, so I grab them up. I got enough of the upper left portioned and labeled silks to do two La-D-Da Christmas ornies, which I'd never use for Christmas, but for something like a pinkeep or other misc. sewing item, and with a small purchase, this silk was a quarter for one ornament. The funky silk is upper right; bottom shell thread holder hearts are a quarter each. The various colored shell thread winders are 75¢ a piece, and the mini-pink thread winder was a quarter. I'm in love with gadgets.

Here are two more of the newer Prairie Schooler charts I adore, my newest Crochet World magazine, at the top of which is one of the things I ordered from the Online Needlework Show. It's in the box, and it's a kitty scissor fob on right in box and a wonderful new gadget called a thread picker, both of which I ordered in a bright blue by My Big Toe Designs. I love this companies designs and products! Last, on the right side of the mag is a little unusual beading kit (I'm a real beading fan) that I won in Shirley's customer drawing a couple of months ago. I'll be glad when she gets back from her trip. She sells 25% off her listed prices and features 3 designers each month at 40% off. Above all that, leaned against my sewing machine are two sizes of Barb's Q-Snap covers. I have nearly all the sizes she makes and use them every day. They're just wonderful, and they're very reasonably priced. If you order from her, she occasionally throws in simply wonderful freebies that are something new she has made and are experiments. Her sewing is beautiful!


~Tammy said...

I have to say, in the limited time I've been reading your blog, I'm touched by your situation and the way you've rallied for your granddaughter and her parents. I love your idea that grandparenting is a second shot at parenting and an opportunity to correct previous mistakes.

I say these things being in my late 30's, and being young enough to be your daughter, I wish my own father was more like you. My mother passed 19 years ago now, and my father and I have been estranged for 8.5 years, due to mistreatment (not extreme, but sad), of my 2 daughters. I tried to discuss it with him and the insecurity of his new wife and my father's inability to act like an adult has not assisted in the bridging of the gap.

It is heartwarming to know people such as yourself exist, I know there are many such as yourself in the world, but sometimes it's just refreshing to be reminded from time to time! This again, coming from someone whose own father will walk by me and my children as though we are mere strangers. I laugh it off, and sometimes the laughter is real, sometimes not. The laughter just hides the hurt and I can't even begin one how my daughters feel.

Sending bigs hugs to you and to the friend you mentioned. It is a wonderful world, the world of stitchers. I honestly believe we are of a different ilk, and the hearts we lead our lives with are the same of which we stitch the most amazing pieces and a little bit of that heart goes in to each piece. (If that last part doesn't make sense I'm sorry, but seems to in my head)

Happy stitching days to you.

Meari said...

Nancy, it's wonderful that you take such an interest in your GD and that you are giving her the love and parenting necessary for her to thrive. It's nice to hear that your parents still try to lovingly take care of you.

Mine stopped "parenting" when I turned 18 and moved out of the house. Heck, they didn't even come to check on me when I had surgery last November. Ah, but they are my parents. Whaddya do?

I was saddened by the story of your friend. How heartbreaking. I just couldn't imagine that.

stitcherw said...

What lovely new stash. With all the goodies you're accumulating has Moriah expressed any interest in learning to crossstitch with you? All that stash would be mighty tempting to start stitching with, and you have so many different types and styles to choose from.

I'm glad that it works so well when Moria stays with you, and how lucky she is to have a place to go. Sometimes it just doesn't work out staying with ones parents, no matter how good the intentions are on both sides. Something in the personalities just doesn't work. I love my parents and we have a wonderful time doing things together now. We've gone on several trips (the latest to Nashville for a week). People are surprised that we do so much together and enjoy each others company. However, it was not always that way. At 16 I could no longer make it work at home and was out on my own. Luckily it worked out and I didn't mess my life up to bad. However, it was really rough and pretty ugly at many times. It lasted that way for several years. Then, we seemed to find a common ground and were able to move beyond it and end up with a friendship that I never could have imagined back then. Good luck to all of you, and I'm so thankful that Moriah has a safe and loving place to go while all this works out. {{hugs}}