Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stitching Bloggers' Question of the Week - Catch Up

What was your favorite finish of 2007?

Posted for January 8:
That would have to be The Trilogy's "Winter Lineup," which I had framed in a beautiful distressed green frame and gave to my daughter for Christmas. You can see it at my Multiply.

This was posted January 16:
What is your favorite past time while stitching? Do you just enjoysilence, listen to music/audiobooks or do you "watch" TV/movies? Do you have specific favorites you listen to/watch while stitching?

I've never been able to do anything but "watch" TV while stitching. Audio books are very distracting and irritating to me. Wish I could tolerate them though.

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stitcherw said...

Hmm, you've been awful quiet. Hope everything is ok and that when you come back you have all kinds of stitchy things to show us. Also, hope everything went ok after your surgery and that things with Moriah are still working out.
Just wanted to stop by and say hi that I was thinking of you.

stitcherw said...

Just stopping by to say hi. Hope the nicer spring weather is beginning to come out in your area, seems like spring/summer with its extra sunshine helps make things better. Here in MI we are still struggling to get past the cold, dreary stuff. I want my warmth and sunshine.

stitcherw said...

Just stopped by to say hi and wish you a Happy Memorial Day, hope you were able to do something enjoyable. Our weather here was very nice for a change, storms last night, but sunny today.

Lori said...

Nancy, I couldn't find your email so I thought I'd leave you a msg here. It's been ages since we've talked! check out my blog at and send me an email! I was thinking of you and hope things are ok. I'm currently stitching on "Under the Jacaranda" which I've had in my stash for about 8 years. It will probably take me another 8 years to finish it LOL.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Lori Linek