Friday, December 30, 2005

Our 40th Anniversary Today

Richard and I have high hopes for this anniversary. Lots of excitement planned for today (40 years is a miracle) and tomorrow night, New Year's Eve followed by New Year's Day. We always look so forward to the high life and tons of fun---NOT! We rented some movies and are going with our two best friends to Cracker Barrel for dinner. "Nothing but the best, Clark!" (Cousin Eddy said to Clark Griswald when Clark mentioned at the cookout of Hamburger Helper, "Real tomato catsup, Eddy?")

Richard already spent most of his day at the nursing home signing papers for his mother to get into a different part of the home, Medicare stuff, etc.

My thrill for the week was my Stash of the Month Silkweaver shipment, which you can see here. You get a partial glimpse at some ornaments that have yet to be sewn up (at top). I just dragged them out of hiding to remind myself. There's fabbie for a needleroll, beads, Stranded By the Sea hand-eyed fiber, beading needles, and a Tacky Bob box for the Mill Hill beads in the 4 pack at top. The pamphlet has a pic and chart inside to stitch, with instructions to finish into the needleroll, all designed to match the adorable little pouch at bottom.

I've wasted hours upon hours today surfing eBay and have the perfect anniversary gift for Richard coming. He loves the old Seinfeld series, so I found a cheap store to buy them on eBay. By now, I know exactly what's going to turn him on, so to speak (quit laughing), and this will. He's easily entertained, but put something on that I love, and he's asleep in a few minutes. Doesn't "get it." Farting salt and pepper shakers turn him on though. He bought some for the apartment where he and his best friend work (with whom we're going to dinner tonight) near Chicago in orthodontist offices. Bodily functions are his obssession. Whatever floats your boat. More excitement tomorrow! Living on the edge for sure, aren't we?


Nela said...

Feliz aniversario, que bien 40 años, que Dios les de mucha salud para compratir 40 años mas, nela

Dianne said...

40 years is amazing, you child bride!
Brian says I'm the one who laughs at bodily functions. Mostly the unexpected or unappropriate ones.
Have fun!
Love your coz,

Isabelle said...

Congratulations Nancy and Richard, on your 40th anniversary!

Carol said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so impressed at 40 years :-)

Singular Stitches said...

Congratulations on 40 years!!

Carol in Pa said...

Happy Anniversary! You've got 10 years on me, nananana, lol. Ours suck, though, because it's also my passed away son's birthday. Remembering that always seems to be a bigger priority than our anniversary.

Farting S&P shakers? I would love it! Just the word "fart" makes me giggle - always did.

Hope you had a great day and Happy New Year too!

Myrna said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

I got the Silkweaver package too, and am enjoying stitching this up!

Lelia said...

Happy 40th Anniversary : ) What a milestone : ) Enjoy the day.