Sunday, February 05, 2006

4 Leaflets and An Unproductive Weekend

I still plan to sit down to stitch this evening, but I've spent the last 48 hours fighting the same intestinal problems I'm having trouble shaking off. I think this must be a virulent bug that loves my system and won't leave my insides. Doesn't say much for what I'm made of, does it? Kinda scary. I've read and heard much the same from others though, so maybe I'm not the only freak. It's made me so weak and feeling so crummy, I can't stitch, and last night, I gave it a try, but Amber would not leave the needle and thread alone, so I gave up in disgust, thinking this weekend was not meant for me to stitch.

Here are the last of my leaflets that I've acquired lately, but I have yet to share the kits I've been getting for a steal on eBay. I had to quit that. It was getting totally ridiculous and out of hand. It's called greed, addiction, and having eyes bigger than my needling fingers.


Darkscarecrow said...

hola !

ayuda !!!!!!!!

por favor tu deves saver arto de blogs por favor ayuudame si ?

ahy dice que hay 0 comentarios y si tengo 1

ahy solo sale la de antonio vivaldi solo sale esa entrada y yo tengo 2

que debo hacer

quero que salgan las 2 entradas

quero que se veo ese comentario
ayuda please

muy lindo blog ojala el mio fuese asi de lindo =(

bueno chao ojala me ayudes


Von said...

Nancy, I hope you're feeling better very, very soon!

Dianne said...

Ahh...darn guts. I can tell you I get an episode like you mentioned and the only thing that calms me down is a good dose of Maalox. If you feel too crummy, I'd go to the doctor. But watch what you eat too.
Hope you feel better.
Can you understand that other comment? I can make out hello and do me a favor about my blog. Something about Antonio Vivaldi. And something doesn't work on their blog. Good bye.

Isabelle said...

Dear Nancy, I am sorry that you've been feeling so poorly. All I can do is send you plenty, plenty of (((((((hugs))))))) and hope that you get better, soon! DO get some rest, OK? Your stitching can wait for better times!

Kim said...

I had to chuckle at your last line about having "eyes bigger than my needling fingers." I know I do, WAY bigger. But those bargains are hard to resist. ;)

Sorry to hear you are still feeling ill. :( Hope this passes soon, I think that there are a lot of nasty bugs going around. Feel better soon! :D

Myrna said...

Hope you are starting to feel better.

You got some great sicky stash! That always makes me feel better. :-)

Litla Skvís said...

Oh I love that sunflower house! It looks adorable!