Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Couple More eBay Steals and A New Start

These are a few of my many eBay secrets, but it's only if you're willing to waste some real time. It's a fun challenge for me, but I have to quit doing it after awhile because it's addictive, unproductive, and self-indulgent. You look under the option for price first (low, of course), and I find that inviduals sell for less than stores. There is an art to placing a bid and off hours are best, but the art is too long to explain here. This is a great secret: look for incorrect listings, but this takes tons of time. Look for patterns where kits are supposed to be listed, and vice versa. People don't spot these so easily, and many times you have the advantage of being the only bidder. Here a couple of El Cheapo kits I'd been admiring that I felt guilty for getting at the prices I paid.

I got a decent start yesterday on a new piece I'd been wanting to do. The finished image is in my sidebar.


Kim said...

Ah ha! Now we know some of the tricks of the trade! I might even have to give this a try... ;)

Love the kits you got, the santa is great! It just shows what you can find w/ a little perserverance. :D

Shelleen said...

You got 2 great deals again. I am not a big fan of ebay, first because I have dial up so it takes forever and 2 I never win what i really want LOL.