Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stitching Bloggers' Question of the Week

With the exception of your online stitching friends, do you have any other stitching buddies?

My best friend and neighbor, Sylvia, is my stitching buddy here in town. She and I have a great time together with our stitching, shopping, and playing tricks on our husbands, who also work together and are golfing buddies.

I'm back from a wonderful trip with my family, and I'm really glad to be back. Now, I need to get to get back in the groove, blogging, stitching, reading blogs and commenting, and getting more pix of my newly acquired stash.

Hope you are all well and stitching away.


Dianne said...

Welcome home! You sound refreshed which is wonderful!

Shelleen said...

welcome home! Glad to have you back :-)