Thursday, February 09, 2006

Last of My Bargain Kits

Don'tcha just love the way my torty
runs between the camera and the display of kits?


Myrna said...

Thank you for dancing for me... and for commenting.

(After the right toe one heals... I get to have the left one done. Joy, joy... NOT!)

I love the fact that kitty walked between you and the camera... sounds like something mine would do. Shadow can't understand why I am home every day, and fighting him for my rocker!

BeckySC said...

Oh, you have gotten a lot of great stash lately :)

I DO hope you are feeling better. Keeping you on prayer list and in my thoughts :)

BIG hugs :)

Isabelle said...

Great haul, Nancy :) My kitty just loves my stash too ;)

Have a wonderful weekend! Are you an better?

Sylvie said...

Great stash. It seems your kitty like it too LOL

AnneS said...

Me thinks torty is of the belief your stash is getting waaaaay too much attention, and not enough attention for torty LOL. Typical cat - they're such fun creatures! Your stash has been a joy to peruse - your kits look great :) Hope you kick that bug in the guts properly very very soon, especially when it affects your stitching! ;) {hugs}

valda said...

Great stash, Nancy! My kitty loves to lay on mine. Don't dare haul it out 'cause he'll plop his fat butt on it! LOL