Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Haven't Been Ignoring Everyone, But...

This has been a very trying time, and I just haven't been about, reading and commenting in everyone's blogs. I want to let you all know how much I love you all and appreciate your comments to my blog. I received a lovely card from Tammy in Missouri, and I know she has to be a stitching blogger because it had adorable kitties all over it. Tammy, doll, I'm embarrassed about this, but I just can't put your name to a blog name, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your card. Maybe she or someone here can fill me in. Dianne Collins sent me the most incredible and appropriate bear; also a fabric, embroidered sign to hang on a cabinet knob. I'll get pix when I'm able.

This is the story I've written to my Yahoo Groups, and it's killing me, but I have no choice:

This is going to be very difficult for me, but I went to have my leg x-rayed today, and I suspected this, but I have done more damage to the break by going up & down stairs and getting around too much, putting weight on it as I do so. Our computers are down here in the basement, along with my sewing room, my recliner, big screen TV, etc. My family has moved my Dazor lamp, my cross stitching, my stitching frame with the recliner attachment (still have to keep my leg elevated) up to our bedroom, where this is another Lazy Boy recliner and a smaller TV. They can care for me easier with the laundry room just outside out bedroom, and of course, the kitchen up there too. If it will save me from surgery, I'll do it. I have to go back in two weeks and hope it has begun to mend before it gets any more crooked. If I move it anymore, I have to have surgery, so the computer is on hold till then.

Faith and Shelleen, please take care of things while I'm gone on Stitching Sisters, though I know you will ;-).

May you all know that I'm dying to get all this behind me, and I'm deperate to cooperate so I can sooner than later.

I'll be thinking of you all and biting at the bit to see what's been going on while I've been away. I'm still stitching and will have some nice pix when I get back.

Love to all and keep those needles flyin.'


Lelia said...

Hang in there & take good care of yourself.

Kim said...

I hope it's not long before you can be back up. But you definately have to do what the doc says and keep off your feet. I'm sure it's gotta be tough to be down, but it will be worth it. :D You take care of yourself and feel better soon!

Von said...

You just do what you need to do in order to get yourself all healed properly!!

Singular Stitches said...


You do what you need to get better! We'll all be sending good karma your way, and hope for a speedy recovery.

I'm sure the kitties will have excellent 'recliner-side' manner!

What better excuse to have to sit and cross-stitch!!!


AnneS said...

Just think of all that uninterrupted stitching time without having to juggle the time with the computer as well LOL. Seriously though, I'm sorry you're having difficulty with your leg and hope it heals quickly for you {{huge hugs}}

Susimac said...

Hope that you are feeling much better soon. Good thoughts coming from England.

StitchCat said...

Hi Nancy,
Just letting you know I am thinking of you and that I have finally leapt into the world of blogging.
Take care of yourself
Margaret xxx