Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Go For Broke

OK, I'm tired of hiding all my sins, so let's get 'em out in the open. I've proclaimed myself to be on a tighter budget. therefore on a stash diet, but I do want to make myself perfectly clear. I'm not going to quit buying Little House Needleworks "Dear Diary" series till it runs out, which I think is 8 designs, of which I already have the first two. Then, I need to make another thing clear too, and that is that I have to finish the series of 4 Spring Snapperland designs, of which I have the first two also. Trouble is, there is also a Winter and a Barnyard Snapper series, so you just know all the seasons will be done, and hard telling what else. This is part of an order from SB&B. In this picture, you will see one of Kelmsmott's needle minders, of which I have a nice collection, and a couple I have given as gifts. Also is a darling chart by Sheepish Designs, "Kitty's 115th Exemplary" and Blackbird Designs, "When This You See."
This was my last order from Shirley, and I do love her site, prices, and service. Top to bottom, left to right, are my treasures from M Designs, "Beehive Sampler" and "Short Term Rental." And Blackbird Designs' gorgeous "Quaker Sampler," with 2 skeins of WDW Palomino color for the sampler. The bottom two are from the Spring Snapperland series.
This was the last Stash of the Month shipment from Silkweaver, and I'm so glad. It was pretty weak and looks to be leftover junk. I'm not thrilled with Silkweaver since they decided to move and carry so little in the way of fabrics. No more Lakeside Linens, which I love, and no more undyed fabrics.
These three designs were another part of the above order from SB&B. Val's Stuff "Seasons," Prairie Schooler's "Country Wise," and La-D-Da's "Merry Sunshine."
As you can see, everything is just wonderful, cute, sweet, beautiful, primitive, gorgeous, or whatever adjectives fit each design that I just had to have, which of course were OK to buy because of the sale prices. Most of all, though, is that each and every thing you see here, in addition to all my stash purchases on this whole blog, were totally unnecessary. Who cares???


Susan said...

LOL, its all necessary!!! Love your stash purchases!!
Happy Stitching!

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

They are all so pretty!!

Hugs and happy stitching.

Shelleen said...

Love your stash purchases. I have also stopped buying stash except for threads that I need for what i am stitching. Wait I joined a friendly stitcher program so I do have to by for that but it isn't for me, I just get something in return from a parner so does that count :-)

Kim said...

I am so glad you aired your sins and confessed your unabashed love of stash. LOL Who cares, is right! Just go for it and have fun. I have come to consider my stash as a separate thing from my stitching. I enjoy pulling all the stash out and going through it nearly as much as stitching it. :D

Love your purchases!

StitchCat said...

All these things that you have brought are lovely. Good on you. They wont be totally unnecessary, they will be beautiful all stitched up.

Wendy said...

Ahhh, great stash ~ I loved seeing all the pictures! I was on the Wagon for the month of April, so as a reward hubby gave me a $60 cheque - which of course is already long gone! Love that on-line shopping.

Dianne said...

Hey, I just bought what I don't need, but stash enhancement is the best, isn't it?! What's first on the agenda? (You did good coz)