Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

First of all, I hope everyone's Mother's Day was a nice one, even it meant just peace and quiet, which I love. Richard ordered me the new pink Razr cell phone at a bargain price for renewing with Verizon for another two years. I've struggled with the freebie we got when first signing up with them, and it was high time for a better phone.

I took my mother her Mother's Day gift which just delighted her. It was signed Kenneth Lane bangle bracelets in safari animal prints, with which she has become enamored of late. They open up easily for her hands, which are crippled with RA, and when I saw them on QVC, I couldn't resist. It was Today's Special Value, and the set of two had her name on them. I don't order much from QVC, but this was was perfect for her.

My daughter and granddaughter came to visit with cards and their own poems and apolized for no gifts, for lack of funds, but I treasure their love and thoughts more than anything money can buy. I cried when I read the poems. They're treasures to me.


StitchCat said...

Those Razrs are pretty cool...especially the pink one. Pink came out after I got mine (I have black)...which I won in a competition complete with bluetooth.
Im glad you had a good Mothers Day :) Happy Mothers Day Nancy :)

Myrna said...

Hi Nancy! Just spent a bit of time catching up on your blog...

Your Autumn case is darling. I only did the Strawberry one, but, really like the way it turned out.

You have gotten some great stash! I just got a chart today with some Vikki Clayton silk. I can't wait to start it! Of course, it's blue... my favorite color. I just need to pick a fabric from the stash to start it -- like I need to start anything new! I'll need to take a picture tomorrow of my new stash to share.

I received my last Stash of the Month package also, and was dissappointed too. I did switch over to a one piece a month selection, so I can accumulate some larger pieces of unique fabric colors. If I don't like them, I can always cancel.

Have a great week! Happy stitching...

Dianne said...

Glad you had a nice Mom's day. I love finding the perfect gift for my mom also.
Poems from the heart are pretty darn special too.

Stitchingnow said...

I Love cat's and I just love your Blog. I would however like to know how you did that on the bottom of every post you have a photo of a cat. How did you do that ?

Lana said...

It was funny, because when you mentioned those bangles you got your mom, I thought, I wonder if they are like the ones I saw on QVC, and then you said they were! i saw that show! They are beautiful!
Have a nice weekend!