Monday, May 08, 2006

Wasting Time

Just haven't been in the mood to blog in the last few days, and I really need to get caught up reading others' blogs and take an interest in what others are doing. I know how important it is to find comments on one's blog, and I owe you all my interest by commenting. Life has been so busy, with grandkids' sports, wedding shower for my newphew's fiance' (I was called into service), and helping out my daughter with the kids.

I still have more stash that I haven't yet taken pix of, mainly because I'm a bit embarrassed at the excess. I guess since I couldn't do much of anything else at the time of my demise (badly broken leg, for those who didn't know), I spent on stash like a drunken sailor, knowing full well I couldn't possibly stitch what I already had, let alone all the new stuff. I'm glad I'm able to show restraint on such an addictive activity, but finances have helped that.

Been on the computer all day long, catching up with Yahoo Group digests and "window shopping" online at new cross stitch designs (is there no end? - sure would help me!). Have an appointment at the rheumatologist in Champaign tomorrow, along with my mother. She has rheumatoid arthritis; I have lupus. Bummer!

I started a SAL with my unlisted Yahoo Group, which has leaders of various SALs, and we choose SALs of our choice from which we're given monthly assignments, which, as I think of it, is like Martina Weber does with her mysteries. My eyes were bigger than my stitching speed, and I signed up several months ago for TIAG Family Treasures III and Drawn Thread's Sanctuary. I'm behind in both. Then, I signed up for Moira Blackburn's Peaceful Garden and got all the supplies, along with my first order of Vikki Clayton's silk, her conversion for that particular design. They are delightful to work with! We got our first assignment May 1, and I hope to have this completed in a couple of days, then use the rest of the month to catch up the former SALs, which have been going on for several months. Sanctuary shouldn't be too difficult, but Family Treasure III involves tons of color changes (not my favorite thing), and I'm further behind in that one. I guess I should formally make those my goals for the month of May.

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Dianne said...

Nice to hear from you Coz. You sound like a different person then you were about 2 months ago. This his music to my ears. : )