Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Happy Stitchin'

In these, the low days of catastrophic tragedy that break our hearts and make us want to quit life as we know it, run to help our fellow Americans who are hurting in a way we can't imagine; prices at the gas pump that make us wonder if we're going to be able to leave home; and just stressful news at every turn, making us all wonder at our futures, it's nice to have some happy stitchin' like my little Bent Creek "Dance of the Bumblebee." He was a delight to stitch, and I have his mate, "Jig of the Ladybug," kitted and ready to stitch for my therapy. Bless their little hearts for gracing my life. This happy little guy's lady will be joining him soon. For now, he has a sweet, little bee fairy flitting around.

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