Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Strawberry Field Mystery SAL by Pam Kellogg

This was done in five installments, a mystery SAL by Pamela Kellogg. Pam announced her mysteries in advance, gave us hints, gave us the list of supplies, and if we decided to subscribe, we were charged a small fee. The installment charts were sent to us via email. This made it so much fun, and we all kept in touch and discussed and showed our progress on her bulletin board.

This was intended to be a bellpull, but after all the stitching and beading, I didn't want to take the chance of the piece getting dirty, so I had it framed in a simple white frame.

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Dianne said...

Hi Nance!
I found your new blog through my Technorati tags link. It's really beautiful and you nailed it!
The PK strawberry sampler is gorgeous. You should feel really proud of yourself.
I must have been sending you blogger vibes as I have your other blogger link on my sidebar and it hadn't been updated for a month.
Good job, coz.