Saturday, October 01, 2005

My New Blog - First Post

The year of 2005 has not been a productive year for me for cross stitching, and I don't know what to blame it on except mismanagement of time. I have more time now that I'm not working, and I was more organized when I worked because I had to use my time wisely then. I used stitching as a way to unwind after work, but now, there is always tomorrow. I need to start concentrating on "no more tomorrows." Now, there are less stressors, thus stitching can wait.

Since the Internet entered my life (and became a way of life), the word stash has taken on a new meaning in my life. It has taken on the mental image of casket stuffers, stitching in heaven rather than playing the harp, or in complete contrast, living to be 400 years old to finish my stash. In years past, I have accomplished so many finishes that if I showed them all here, I'd crash Blogger; therefore, I'll start with 2005 and go from there, hoping that this blog will help in forming a well-planned and productive rotation. I'm hoping to finish this year with feeling good about my stitching accomplishments. I've become an EZ Board supporter and plan to get tips, ideas, and inspiration from the Rotation EZ Board, Mirabilia, Threads, and others I enjoy. I've known so many great ladies who have grown and been blessed in many ways by blogging, so I've started this in the hopes that I can reap the rewards of blogging to enrich my life too. Stitching is such a part of my life that I'm hoping to grow in my stitching and meet other blogging stitchers who have grown and met new stitching challenges as well. That is not to say that stitching is all I hope to benefit from this, but friendship and growth in any hobby always leads to more lasting intrinsic values that add growth to our lives. The Internet has opened up new ideas and knowledge to us all, brought us lasting friendships with people from around the world, and we've all become more learned in the ways of different cultures, religions, and races, not just by reading about them, but on a more personal level---by befriending those from whom we've learned so much.

Having said all that, I'll start my stitching show with a SAL I did with a Yahoo Group called Stitchers Losin It for stitchers who want to lose weight. It has occurred to me that many stitchers could stand to lose weight because of the sedentary nature of the hobby. This particular piece was cute, fun, and easy to do.

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