Saturday, October 15, 2005

Vikki's StitchnButtons

I have acquired the above buttons made by a very talented friend, Vikki Gable, who is now selling her handmade polymer clay buttons through a favorite online LNS of mine, hers, and a lot of other people on several of my Yahoo stitching groups---Shirley's Country Cottage. She continues to dream up new designs, but with a family and full time job, she finds herself pressed for the time and energy. I would love to see her business pick up to the point where she could spend more time creatively. I adore her buttons!
I guess I should give credit to my little Boyds squirrel, Merle B. Squirrel, with the beautifully carved acorn around his neck. My house is filled with critters, both alive and of the stuffed variety. Hey, Vikki! How about an acorn button???

1 comment :

Dianne said...

You know that Vikki and I know each other right? Sometimes she'll call on the phone and I don't recognize the name and she'll say 'Pick up, it's me-I'm on my mom's cell'.
I knew she was making her cute buttons, but didn't know she was selling them through the internet. Great!
What are you going to do with yours?