Saturday, February 17, 2007

I've Messed With It Till I Broke It

I don't know why I'm such a fiddly-boob, but I've played with this blog like it was a new toy, and I broke it. I'm so frustrated with trying to fix it that I'm giving it up until my frustration level goes down and I'm not cross-eyed and suffering from red ears and an ugly red rash. Why can't I just leave well enough alone. Now I can't remember how I got it the way it was.

I'm seriously thinking about trying Wordpress, but I know nothing about it. Duh is me. I'm hanging this up till I'm not crazy.


AnneS said...

Oh Nancy, I can feel your frustration all the way down here ... sorry, but you made me smile ;) WordPress isn't all that bad - and there's an import feature where you can copy over your old blogger posts. If you want to give it a try, without deleting this one, to see if you like it, I'm more than happy to help you out with any questions etc - just holler out!! :D {{hugs}}

Retta said...

I think wordpress is equally as easy to use, I have both blogger and wp blogs and they both have advantages and disadvantages and I've managed to break things on both! LOL