Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Winter Storm

I'm staying at my daughter's while she's with her husband getting back surgery, and wouldn't you know?--- a winter storm hit hard late last night, and it's ice, slick as snot and getting worse by the minute. Schools are all closed; there's damage all over town with trees down from the weight of the ice, and there are power outages all around, but not here yet, thank goodness!

My daughter is determined to get back here today, which is an hour north of here. I'm so worried about her driving, though she does have a 4-wheel drive Durango. They're great in snow, which they have where she is, but she's going to hit ice halfway home, and nothing will help driving through that. It's a heavily traveled highway, and I think the state will be out in force keeping it driveable. I still worry though. And silly me---I'm worried about my cats being home alone. They're so spoiled, yet they have everything they need. I just think they need their mommy, and I sit and look at my ice-covered car sitting out in the street now and sigh.

I also need gas and have packages to send to eBay customers, but I don't know if a trip to the P.O. is in order today. I just like to get the packages sent ASAP for good feedback. I need to turn on my car and have the grandsons go out and scrape so I can get to the nearest gas station, which is only a few blocks from here. Hope I have enough gas to get it defrosted. Why didn't I just go get gas before I got here when I heard a storm was coming? How stupid can a person be?

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Susieq said...

Nancy, it is nasty out there isn't it? You take care driving too.

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