Monday, February 12, 2007

Party Time At "The Home" - 94th Birthday

Mama's Boy feeding Mama

I told my granddaughter to get a good picture of me for my blog, and this was the best she could do. Horseface with overdone Botox. My chin isn't that long. Pinhead too. Bad camera angle... yeah that's what it is!

My husband, Richard, who thinks you're all axe murderers who are someday going to show up on our porch cuz I give out TMI about myself. I'm scared.

If the grandsons have to come to Great Grandma's 95th birthday, I hope they're not quite as excited.

Here's a few more of the family. My favorite neice, Kelly - such a doll!

My granddaughter, Moriah, two nephews and Paranoid Pete.

Yup, it's me doing what I do best, and it shows.

The birthday girl with Paranoid Pete and his sister, Judy. I love her, but she's anal.

My beautiful daughter, Vanessa, and she's not looking her best. They just came from home with a fire department call and losing their furnace.

Just give my granddaughter a wheelchair, and she'll come every year! I'm taking up a collection to get her the rest of those jeans.

My brother-in-law who, after the party, went to the hospital birthing room.

My Vanessa again, with her hunk of a husband, my wonderful son-in-law, Craig.


Meari said...

Happy 94th to the birthday girl! It's great to see a pic of you Nancy, even though you say you don't like it. I pictured a white haired old(er) lady... You're not that at all. LOL! Tell Paranoid Pete to get over... We all love ya, and if we wanna stalk ya we will. ;-)

~Kim~ said...

Congrats for the Birthday Girl! Great to see pics of your family. Love the humor!!


Heidi said...

LOl Happy Birthday to the girl. 95 and still kicking! :o) Love the humor!

AnneS said...

Oh Nancy, you had me in stitches with your picture captions!! It's lovely to see a piccie of you too, so now I can put a face to the name :D Love the new blog look too, it's wonderful :D

Dianne said...

Hey-it's all the cousins! Nice post as I love seeing everyone, especially the 94 yr old birthday girl.
The close-up of you is fab-your eyes are so blue and pretty.
Your blog is looking fine.
Hope all is well with Craig. Take awesome care.
Paranoid Pete-we're coming to getcha! ; )

Dianne said...

And yeah...we see you showing off your QVC bling!

Von said...

Nancy, you crack me up! Loved seeing all the family - looks a lot like a family I'm a part of, lol!