Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Queen For A Day

I've been going through a roller coaster of emotions with a cancer scare, and I've checked out OK so far, but I've yet to get reamed out with a colonoscopy. That will be the last test, and frankly, the older I get, the more I avoid tests that should be done regularly, which only leads to my fright when things go awry. The testing knocks me for a loop, and I feel like crap during the testing days. However, I'm watching a dear aunt in the final stages of cancer, and I've decided to get run over by a truck---a big one!

So.... I happened across this picture of myself and decided that with some cropping, I will crown myself Queen For A Day on the eve of the first day of a new month---March! See my lovely lighted crown? Hope with March comes some better weather since we had such a horrid late winter this year, and I do love winter! This one just came too later for my taste.

Oh yes, and am I dating myself by even mentioning the old, old TV show called "Queen For A Day!" It was in black & white, and I remember being a very small child, sitting on the floor watching it.


~Kim~ said...

Hear Hear to a new month! Love your spirit!


Sally said...

Hope everything goes well for you Nancy. Hears to the new month!

Love your Sassy's Fabby haul. I have just joined her COTM and am looking forward to receiving it.

Carol said...

Oh Nancy - so sorry you are going through all of this! Will keep you in my prayers! {{{Hugs}}} YOu are doing a great job with Mirabilia SAL group, by the way - thank you!!

Susieq said...

Nancy, great to know that everything is going OK so far.

Meari said...

Hope your testing goes well, Nancy. I never knew Queen for a Day was a TV show until I saw the movie Corina, Corina with Whoopie Goldberg. And then I didn't even know it was a REAL show until now. ;-)

Carto said...

Sorry to hear you're going through all this - it certainly is a rollercoaster for you. But from your post, I can see you have a strong attitude, an unquenchable spirit and a cracking sense of humour - what a fabulous lady you are. I have everything crossed for you - I hope the testing goes well :)

Dianne said...

I'm also pulling for you! I didn't expect to see so many posts here and was very happy to read them.
I know what you mean about tests. I feel the yearly ones come around much too quickly. Didn't the years crawl along when we were younger?
I'm off to see what that Mexican jewelry is that you like.